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Jun 14, 2012

Wait, Did NBC L.A. Pull Another Sacramento Kings Logo Fail Last Night?

At this point, someone email us when NBC L.A. gets its Kings & Kings logos figured out because we've learned that even after the L.A. Kings celebrated its Stanley Cup victory this week, the TV station was still confused. You might remember back in mid-May when the first logo error occurred as L.A. was preparing for a huge sports weekend. NBC L.A. even issued an apology for running a Sacramento Kings logo. Guess another apology is in order, boys. JUMP!

Jun 13, 2012

17 Hottest Prospects In Bikini Hockey League [PHOTOS]

So the Bikini Hockey League went 'global' back in May when some guys came up with the brilliant plan of combining a cold sport, bikinis and women into one of the Internet's great marketing ploys. There was talk of a reality show. Blah, blah, blah. The BHL was nothing without players. To our surprise, there are actually chicks sending bikini photos to some league that has released exactly one press release. Shockingly, some of said prospects are actually cute. JUMP!

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Jun 12, 2012

26 Disgusting NSFW Steve Bernier Should Die & Other Hate Tweets

Even if you aren't a hockey fan you probably heard some of the buzz that came from last nights Stanley Cup finale. The Kings won 6-1, but the real story came in the first period when journeyman Steve Bernier took out some frustration on Kings defenseman Rob Scuderi with a brutal boarding penalty. Scuderi crumpled to the ice, blood spilling from his nose and mouth. Instantly, Jersey douches went nuts on Twitter with serious vitriol. JUMP!

Jun 12, 2012


While Devils coach Peter DeBoer spent Game 6 with a pair of giant porn star Ds slapping him in the head, Darryl Sutter was getting ice cream bombed by Tubby (via @tim_micallef). Here we figured the only chicks getting behind-the-bench seats at Kings games would be stars of Where The Boys Aint #15. Life never fails to shock us. In other Kings news, KCAL covered the celebration and found Lakers fan outside Staples. Seems so confused. Let's get rolling!

Jun 11, 2012

Kings Dustin Brown On Stanley Cup Win: “That’s Why We F-ing Play” [VIDEO]

The Kings just won the first Stanley Cup in franchise history and captain Dustin Brown was asked by NBC's Pierre McGuire for a few words about how it feels to finally hoist the Cup. "That's why we f*cking play," Brown told Pierre. Yeah, the f-bomb was on live TV and WTF Editor Matt had his cellphone rolling. The quality of this video is about as bad as it gets, but it's getting late and I'm not wasting time looking for the HD version. You get the idea. JUMP!

Jun 11, 2012

Former Porn Star Katie Morgan Celebrating Kings Stanley Cup By Getting Naked

How are porn stars celebrating this Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup victory on Twitter? If you're former porn star and HBO sexpert @thekatiemorgan, you're writhing in your bed and promising followers to get naked for the boys victory. At this point we're having a hard time figuring out what porn chicks on Twitter won't be getting naked after this Game 6 trudging of the Devils. Morgan, though, is the most vocal tonight. And she seems to be a true fan. JUMP!

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Jun 11, 2012

Porn Star Taylor Stevens Auctioning Infamous Wife Beater Shirt On eBay; $500!

There is HUGE news tonight for those of us who collect famous sports clothing. Porn star Taylor Stevens, famous for her boobs & Stanley Cup cleavage, is auctioning off the wife beater she wore in Game 4 of the Devils-Kings series. Hands down best eBay auction buzz item we've seen in 2012. Look, there are pieces of history on eBay that stop us cold in our tracks. This is that kind of item. Thing is, we're not really that into hockey. Will this shirt have value by Friday? JUMP!

Porn Stars Of The NHL Playoffs: Devon Alexis Rooting For NJ Devils [PHOTOS]

This post featuring New Jersey Devils porn star superfan Devon Alexis originally ran during the Eastern Conference Finals. Kinda felt it was worth bringing back today after the fuss created last night in L.A. by porn star Taylor Stevens. One of you radio guys out there in Newark or Jersey City needs to plop down the cash for Ms. Alexis to sit behind Darryl Sutter. Step up for the Internet. JUMP!

Jun 7, 2012

Yeah, But That Was An Elvis Infomercial So The NHL On NBC Sports Network Is All Good

Of course nobody in Nashville watched Game 4 of the NHL Stanley Cup Final last night. Have you even tried to find these games on your cable box? Do Nashville TV viewers even have NBC Sports Network? Then, what loser in Nashville is watching at 9 p.m. when there's still daylight and swimming pools to jump in? The worst thing the NHL could've ever done was end its season in June – on NBC Sports Network. Guess what the NHL did in Game 3 in Nashvegas - JUMP!

Jun 7, 2012

ALERT! Porn Star Taylor Stevens Is A Kings Fan & Behind The Devils Bench! [PHOTOS]

Um, the Kings waited until the clinching game of the NHL playoffs to plant a Tits McGee behind the opposing team's bench? Here we are tonight watching Game 4 and this chick is unleashing these double d-bombs on the shell shocked Devils. For those of you who suffer from NHL apathy, this might be your only reason for finding the NBC Sports Network on the dial. For those of you watching the NBA game, Tits updates as they become available. (via @TrevorBoller)

Jun 6, 2012

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Jun 5, 2012

Alyssa Milano Confirms She Was Wearing Bra At Kings-Devils Game 3

We ask and she responds. That's just the kind of power we have these days on Twitter. An innocent question about Alyssa Milano's rack at Kings-Devils Game 3 gets back to her and she addresses our concerns. Just when you figure Samantha Micelli isn't reading her tweets she fires off a short missive to clear up our investigation. Appreciated. (via @Alyssa_Milano)

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Jun 5, 2012

Stanley Cup Coverage: Was Alyssa Milano Wearing A Bra Last Night At Kings-Devils?

Look, at this point it's useless to watch the Stanley Cup finals because the L.A. Kings haven't lost in like two months, the goalie is out of his mind right now and the team has a 3-0 lead on the shell shocked Devils. In other words, it's time to analyze the Kings shirt that Alyssa Milano wore to Game 3. Normally we'd have at least 15 guys harassing us on Twitter about Milano's rack on NBC Sports. Only one guy - Trevor in Vegas - even bothered. JUMP!

Jun 2, 2012

The Stanley Cup Is Already Up On The Hollywood Sign [PHOTOS]

The Los Angeles Kings have won one game in the Stanley Cup playoffs against the New Jersey Devils and the city is already getting cocky. The city has already placed a shining Stanley Cup next to the Hollywood sign in California. The Los Angeles Kings are rolling in the playoffs but usually you wait until your team wins a game before you start celebrating as a city. If New Jersey comes back to beat the Kings, this will be something they wished they never did. JUMP!

Jun 1, 2012

Busted Coverage Gets On ABC7 Chicago For Those Drunken Patrick Kane Photos

BC reader J.D. in Evanston sent word last night that Busted made an appearance on the local news. "Dude, I was watching ABC7 last night and all of a sudden there are the Kaner photos and BC on the sports. Couldn't believe it." Well, we were kinda tipped off that ABC-Chicago was going to use the drunken Kane pics. We just didn't know they'd use them in this context of a charity story. JUMP!

May 31, 2012

The Paulina Gretzky Photo Collection

Big news here at BC. We've rehired photo editor Big Gay Rich just three months after he was fired in the Terry Francona photo fiasco. The editors figured in his years of service and thought that Big Gay Rich deserved a second chance. His new assignment? Tracking all things Paulina Gretzky. Seriously, we're turning it into a beat. You guys keep clicking and searching so we made a business decision. Rich is back and about to take our Paulina coverage to the next level. JUMP!

May 31, 2012

Rex Ryan & His Horny Wife Were At Last Night’s Devils-Kings Game [Morning Twitpic]

It's been nearly two years since we've seen Michelle Ryan, the beav spreading middle-aged wife of NY Jets coach Rex Ryan. But there she was last night at Kings-Devils wearing those f-me glasses and her Devils sweater. Gotta figure Rex went home and destroyed those feet after a tough OT loss for the Devils. In Busted Coverage news, if you live within 75 miles of Detroit, we better see your ass at our Captain Morgan party Friday night before Tigers-Yankees. Let's get rolling!

May 23, 2012

Coyotes Fan Boobs McGee Is Out Of NHL Playoffs [PHOTOS]

She had one final run behind the Phoenix Coyotes bench. Boobs McGee, shockingly her name never leaked into the Arizona media, had her NHL playoffs run come to an end last night. Dave Tippett & Busted Coverage got one final look at the mesmerizing rack during last night's 4-3 Kings victory and the end of hockey for Boobs. In other news, who the hell was the other hot chick behind the Coyotes bench. Jesus! JUMP!

May 22, 2012

Claude Giroux Can Still Play Beer Pong With Surgically Repaired Wrists [PHOTO]

Flyers stud center Claude Giroux isn't a household name to most of you because the NHL is still relegated to the NBC Sports Network and most of you guys could care less about hockey. However, in Philly, Giroux is quickly becoming one of the city's most recognizable athletes. 93 points this year, two surgically repaired wrists and the guy can get right back onto the beer pong circuit. Amazing talent. (via CrossingBroad)

May 19, 2012

Anton Volchenkov Got Elbowed In The Back Of The Head [VIDEO]

New York Rangers' Forward Brandon Prust pulled a dirty move by elbowing Anton Volchenkov of the New Jersey Devils in the back of the head. Volchenkov collapsed to the ice after the head shot. The hit looked pretty intentional and a suspension could be handed down to Prust if deemed necessary. The New York Rangers lead the series 2 games to 1. Video after the JUMP!

May 18, 2012

Ice Girls Of The NHL: Predators’ Crystal Is A Hooters’ Cover Girl [PHOTOS!]

Sure, the Nashville Predators are out of the NHL playoffs and on some golf course in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Asher is still marking off names on his Ice Girls of the NHL checklist. We think today's chick, Crystal, just might be the hottest Ice Girl to ever lace up the skates in the NHL. Name another Hooters bikini model who also doubles as an Ice Girl. You can't. Don't even try. Say hello to hockey's version of Kate Upton. JUMP!

May 16, 2012

Coyotes Boobs Were Back For Coyotes-Kings Game 2 [PHOTOS]

Yep, the buxom Coyotes chick with giant boobs was back last night in her spot behind the team's bench and in pretty much every shot of head coach Dave Tippett. Her white doily was pretty much useless in covering that giant rack that was pretty much the only amusement for Coyotes fan in a 4-0 blowout. Still waiting on a name and Model Mayhem site. One of you in Phoenix knows her. Let's bust this mystery wide open: JUMP!

May 14, 2012

Who Is The Broad With Giant Boobs Behind The Coyotes Bench? [PHOTOS]

Got this email last night from Kyle in Scottsdale: "Who in the hell is the redhead behind the coyotes bench? Figured you guys wouldve already invaded her Facebook account." Of course Kyle is talking about the Double Ds giving the Phoenix Coyotes coaching staff black eyes during the playoffs. Our investigators have yet to hone in on Kyle's chick so this is where you guys start helping the cause. JUMP!

May 10, 2012

Yes, Paulina Gretzky Was At The Deadmau5 Concert In Las Vegas Last Weekend

Guess Wayne Gretzky hasn't pulled the line of credit to daughter Paulina. Those leg spreader photos that stunned the Internet last week must not have phased fazed the Great One because his she was still in Vegas this past weekend for a DeadMau5 set. Maybe Wayne is too worried about the NHL playoffs? Maybe at this point he's just said the hell with it. Maybe he's just hoping she doesn't get knocked up by some d-bag DJ. So much drama! JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!

May 9, 2012

Evan Turner’s Poor Game 5 Exacerbated By Jersey Chaser Eyeballing The Road Beef [Morning Twitpic]

First of all, solid offensive performance by the 76ers last night against the Bulls in Game 5. 32% from the field, 70% from the line and 69 points. Evan Turner's line: 2-of-7, 4 TO & 4 points. It almost seemed like something was bothering him. Poor, poor night for Philly as a whole. The 76ers lose, the Flyers get knocked out of the NHL playoffs & the Phillies lose to the Mets, giving them last place in East. Let's get rolling!

May 8, 2012

Rex Ryan Is A New Jersey Devils Fan; Was Flyers Fan in 2010 [PHOTO]

Wait, wasn't Rex Ryan a Philadelphia Flyers fan just a couple years ago? Remember that night where his fat girth was on display in Carolina? Now he's rooting for the Devils in the NHL playoffs during Game 4? Yes, he was. Game 5 is tonight in Philly so there's still time for Flyers fan to make the appropriate taunt sign. 7:30 puck drop. Don't let this go without a reaction, Philly and Rangers fan. (via @regantriciann)

May 7, 2012

Patrick Kane Slightly Drunk At Wisconsin’s Mifflin Street Party [PHOTOS]

Chicago Blackhawks stud Patrick Kane was in Madison, Wisconsin over the weekend for the Mifflin Street party, an annual rite of spring for Wisconsin students who've bored of bonging beers and chasing tail at house parties all winter. Time to hit the streets! Kaner, a 23-year-old legendary partier, did it up in Wisky, even wearing a fratty shirt and a sweet blue hat so he blended in with the losers who'll be unemployed in a couple of weeks. PHOTOS! JUMP!

May 1, 2012

We Found The Three Biggest Phoenix Coyotes Fans – These Chicks [Morning Twitpic]

One of these icebombs goes by @jiu_no on Twitter. Thinking she's the 'H.' We're certain that their Phoenix Coyotes have a 2-0 lead over Nashville with Game 3 at Nashville on Wednesday. Let us know if you see these three in the wild just walking around Scottsdale with their body paint. Say hello for us. In NBA news, can we just get rid of the garbage teams and get this shitshow over already? Lakers-Heat Finals and we're done by May 18. Let's get rolling!

Apr 29, 2012

Paulina Gretzky Partying In Vegas This Weekend Looks Like Drunken Good Time

Oh, poor Wayne Gretzky. His daughter, Paulina, is in Vegas this weekend partying like a champ at Tao Beach and one of her friends goes and uploads a semi-SFW crotch shot to Instagram. The rest is history. We're pretty sure Paulina and girlfriends were in town for a bachelorette party. Like it really matters. What matters at the end of the day is that this chick is just as crazy as you thought – and then some. Best photos of The Great One's daughter you'll ever see – JUMP!

Apr 26, 2012

Don Cherry’s Jacket Last Night Was Straight Panty Dropping Material [Morning Twitpic]

What did we learn last night in the NHL? Don Cherry always has one more ridiculous suit jacket after the one you thought was the most ridiculous. Oh, and that the Boston Bruins couldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs. Tough break, Boston fan. Moving on, it's NFL Draft Day! You're able to watch the draft live on so don't bother with Chris Berman & his blowhard cohorts. Big prediction: The Patriots will trade out of the first round. Let's get rolling!

Apr 23, 2012

Look At That Flyers Ice Girl Photobombing The Sids Golf Sign [Morning Twitpic]

So the NHL has to be freaking out over what's happening in the playoffs, right? The Sedin Sisters are out. Sids & Malks are history. The Rangers are on the brink with a 3-2 hole. Boston heads to a Game 7. Detroit is gone. Chicago trails 3-2. At this point, for the sake of business, we need the Flyers to win the Cup. In MLB news, at what point do the Red Sox fire Bobby V.? The team is 4-10 and only a rainout can stop the5-game losing streak. Let's get rolling!

Apr 20, 2012

Florida Panthers Ice Girl Alexis Wants To Cheer Up Mark Sanchez [PHOTOS]

Our old friend Alexis, the Florida Panthers ice dancer profiled in March, is back with what is about to help her rise from the 300 follower level on Twitter. 371 this morning to be exact. How is that possible, you morons? You'll follow idiots like Demi Moore, meanwhile @AlexisDAugusto is dropping Jets jersey underboob. Get your asses in gear and give Alexis a follow. (Guessing we'll get more underboob when that 1k mark is surpassed.) JUMP!

Apr 20, 2012

Sidney Crosby & Malks To Star In Brokeback Mountain 3D [Morning Twitpic]

They're back on in Pittsburgh tonight for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference quarters. It is a Friday night so we expect some sort of crazy shit to go down with the Yinzers. Can't believe there hasn't been some Pens-Flyers fan ass kickings in this series. YouTube has been firing blanks. Nothing. Step up your game, drunks. You Pittsburgh hardos going to let Philly drop Brokeback Mountain movie posters on Sids & Malks? This cannot stand. Let's get rolling!

Apr 19, 2012

By 9-3, Flyers Fan Was Drunk & Middle Fingering The Penguins [Morning Twitpic]

Solid effort from the Flyers goaltending and defense last night in its 10-3 loss in Game 4. If you're going to lose you might as well get your ass kicked. Get the ass kicking out of the system. Come back strong in Game 5 and finish off Sids. Yes, your new semi-NSFW hero/goon Zac Rinaldo was thrown out for this in a blowout. Vancouver also survived elimination. In Columbian hooker news, make sure to check out the NY Post cover this morning. Great stuff. Let's get rolling!

Apr 18, 2012

For The Ladies: Flyers Goon Zac Rinaldo Mirror Photos To Lust Over

Ever heard of Philadelphia Flyers goon Zac Rinaldo? Yeah, we hadn't either. Looked up his stats and realized this guy compiled 232 PIMs in the regular season and racked up 16 PIMs in Game 3 against the Penguins. Then we went to YouTube to watch him fight Zenon Konopka. Not a great brawl, but proof that he drops 'em early and often. So, of course, we're kinda figuring we'll be getting our asses kicked over these mirror pics. Sorry, brah. JUMP!

Apr 16, 2012

Wonder If The Sedin Sisters Have Seen 2 Girls, One Cup? [Morning Twitpic]

Don't worry, there will be no Stanley Cup runners-up rioting this summer in Vancouver thanks to the L.A. Kings 3-0 series lead on the Canucks. That's right, #8 seed vs. #1 seed. 3-0 with two of the next three in California. Yes, you can buy your own Sedin Sisters t-shirt for only $17.99. In baseball news, the Dodgers this weekend turned one of the craziest triple plays in baseball history. The lesson here, kids, is to confuse the umpires into believing this is a triple play. Let's get rolling!

Apr 13, 2012

WTF? Bruins David Krejci Takes Pane Of Glass To The Head [Morning Twitpic]

How excited was Bruins fan after the team pulled out a 1-0 victory in OT against the Caps? So excited they banged on a pane of glass until it crashed down on center David Krejci. Not a joke. Straight to the melon. Our friends at Bob's Blitz has the video if you want to watch. In NFL news, Peyton Manning made some personal phone calls this week – to the Indy media. Why? To thank them for their work over the years. Ahh, shucks. Gonna cry. Let's get rolling!