Caps Fans Climb Light Poles And Statues While Celebrating Their Stanley Cup Berth

You gotta feel happy for Capitals fans this morning after finally getting over that hump with a game 7 win and trip to the Cup. Although, it would’ve been hilarious if the NHL’s favorite choke artists did it one more time last night and we got to keep this thing going for another year.
So naturally, the fans who stayed home in D.C. last night were going to take to the streets and go nuts. This is THE moment for this fan base so we had droves of them come out to the National Portrait Gallery steps to celebrate. You might remember this spot as the one Penguins fans came to last year after bouncing the Caps for the second straight year.
It wasn’t quite Philly after the NFC Championship, but we definitely had some pole climbing, albeit far less challenging without the Crisco. Also, I spotted a guy riding the statue horse as well. Now we’re getting somewhere.

No word on if anyone has eaten horseshit yet. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on that beat in case one lucky Caps fan wants to elevate his fan base’s savagery to the likes of the Cleveland’s and Philly’s of the world.

Can’t forget about the tree climber

This time last year…


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