Ovi And The Stanley Cup Destroyed Vegas Last Night

Now that things have settled down a bit from last night’s Capitals cup celebration, I think we can give you a quick recap of Ovi and the Stanley Cup‘s night out in Vegas. After sorting through about 10,000 videos from last night between D.C. and Vegas, I figured we’ll stick with the Vegas side for now. Nobody has ever won a Stanley Cup in Vegas, so this party was unprecedented. Usually, these players win the cup, then take that thing to Vegas to party for a weekend with it after the parade and initial celebration concludes. These guys just had to walk outside of the arena and they were already in the mix.
Ovi, of course, was the star of the night, so we’re going to focus on him after he finally got his long-awaited championship.

Once he got the cup on the ice, he pretty much didn’t put it down for the rest of the night

He made his way on stage at Hakkasan with Tiesto…the cup still in hand

He drank a shit load of booze out of it, but not vodka…yet

Even after the club, they were walking through the casino with it at 4am

And here they are arriving back at the hotel

Hell of a night. I can’t even imagine.

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