Vegas Golden Knights Fans Are Flooding Tattoo Parlors and Barbershops

Remember when ESPN ranked the Vegas Golden Knights 31st in their preseason power rankings? “But they’ll be tops when it comes to selling merchandise!” was the wisecrack used to describe the expansion franchise heading into this season. Seven months later, the Golden Knights are up 1-0 in the freakin’ Stanley Cup Finals, and the people of Vegas are totally obsessed — so obsessed that they are not only buying merch, but providing business to tattoo parlors and barber shops.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal interviewed a couple of local businesses to get a glimpse into the LeBron-like effect the Golden Knights have had around The Strip:

Moises Alvarez, owner of Goodtimes Barbershop &Shave Parlor in Spring Valley, said he has shaved four Golden Knights designs into people’s hair since the team entered the playoffs. The designs last about a week, he said, depending on how fast the client’s hair grows, and cost between $50 and $100.
All of his clients have been regulars, but Alvarez believes the designs will bring more business in. Shortly after the haircut, Guzman told Alvarez others were commenting on the design and asking him where he got it.

Joey Hamilton, owner of Revolt Tattoos on Paradise Road just east of the Strip, said the shop has given out a couple of hundred Golden Knights tattoos. Clients have come by the shop for an appointment, but the vast majority have taken place near T-Mobile Arena on game days, he said.
Hamilton and three other artists from the shop tattoo fans at home playoff games for a minimum $30 donation toward the Golden Knights Foundation. On the first day of the playoffs, Hamilton and the other artists spent about five hours tattooing logos and designs from a Golden Knights truck parked in Toshiba Plaza.

Basically barbers and tattoo artist in Vegas should get ready for the storm. There’s no doubt more Golden Knights converts are going to want the logo either designed on their heads or permanently inked somewhere on their bodies at the rate the team is going.

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