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Jan 11, 2016

Meet Alabama’s A’Shawn Robinson — He’s 20

Not joking, he can't legally buy a beer.

Dec 29, 2015

Toothless Johnny Manziel Fan, 1975 Bama Bowl Girls & KY HS Basketball Mullet

I threw in some Bama fans because the big game is coming up.

Nov 3, 2015

Bama Fan Selling 5 Ton Military Tailgating Truck – $65,000 OBO

That's a college football playoff ride right there.

Jul 3, 2015

Bama Fan Stole A Sound Bar & Vacuum From A Walmart

  Come on, Bama fan. You’re going to soil the good name of your team but jacking a sound bar...

Jul 1, 2015

I Had Meijer Make A Gay Pride Rainbow Flag Roll Tide Cake — Just $17!

  So there’s this big controversy this week about a Walmart in Louisiana that wouldn’t make a Confederate flag cake...

Jun 4, 2015

Bama Fan Robbed 6 Banks, Stole $100,195.50 & Faces 10-25 Years In Jail

  By the time Timothy Bryan Standfield gets out of federal prison Nick Saban will be in the 73+ age...

May 20, 2015

Devin Brugman Still On Vacation, Bama Honeymoon & Ducks Sleeper

  Playoff fever in Atlanta There were still box office tickets available on Tuesday for tonight’s Cavs-Hawks Eastern Conference Finals...

May 18, 2015

Alabama Fan Mugshots, Auburn Man-kini & Brugman Swims With Sharks

Biker gang shootouts When was the last time you heard of a single event, like Sunday’s Waco Twin Peaks shootout,...

May 5, 2015

Bama Fan Arrested For Robbing Bank

  The genius behind @IsolatedBammers never seems to miss a moment in Bama fan arrests. Take this incident that went...

Apr 29, 2015

Saban Cake, PETA NFL Draft Lettuce Bikinis & Wayne Gretzky’s Yard

Reminder: The 1st round of the NBA playoffs are still rolling along… …Game 5 of the Hawks-Nets series is tonight....

Apr 24, 2015

Hoodie’s Trophy Girlfriend, Leinart On Log Ride & Playoff Middle Fingers

NBA Playoffs are FAN-TASTIC! We now have three series at 3-0 and it’s going to take a major meltdown from...