Bama IG Model Athena Megaloudis Has Had A Solid Summer

The last time I checked in with Bama sorority girl Athena Megaloudis was just after Halloween 2018 when she had the whole devil in a black leather skirt thing going on and living it up as the Tide were running through the SEC. Time got away from me and I forgot to update her Spring Break shenanigans so you guys will have to deal with a summer update instead.

Athena has spent the summer in California where she’s been working on her IG game being an influencer for a shake company, hanging with friends on the 4th, lunching in Beverly Hills and doing what Bama IG model students do over a summer. From the look of her ‘Cali’ IG Story, it’s been full of sun, bikinis and relaxation.

Sitting on 22k followers the last time we checked in, Athena is now up to 38.4k and at this pace she should graduate with a nice base which could turn into a Bilzerian Ignite model if she plays her cards right. Now comes the final countdown until move-in day back in Tuscaloosa and football Saturdays with eyes on NOLA for the national championship against Clemson.

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