Meet Mackenzie From Alabama

Instagram / @mackenzieullom
Well, I guess we might as well keep praising Bama for all the belts they’ve won, will win and will even win in the IG modeling game because Saban has turned his franchise into a factory. Enter Mackenzie, a Bama student and up and coming IG model who will probably win a bunch of IG modeling awards and maybe even a IG national championship before everything is said and done at Bama.
Mackenzie is currently struggling through a college football season where the quarterback hasn’t been needed in the 4th quarter of a game. Roll Tide was only up 22-0 in the 4th on LSU, but LSU couldn’t move the ball past midfield so Tua really wasn’t needed. Bama could’ve just punted from their own 20 all quarter and LSU wasn’t going to put up any fight against that defense.
So here we are the first full week of November and Mackenzie is headed to the SEC title game, then a semifinal game and then eventually to Levi’s Stadium for the national championship. That’s right, the Bay Area has the national title game. Yawn.


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