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Bama’s #1 so we’ll just keep going with the Bama ladies around here because at this point there’s no use in even bothering with other schools. All of a sudden the hot IG models can’t go to any other school because even they love national titles. National titles, national titles, national titles. IG titles. Football titles. Titles, titles, titles.

Today we visit with Athena Megaloudis, who seems to be enjoying her year as a Bama sorority member. What’s there not to like? Saturdays are full of LOLs and the dream of Tua picking you as his green room girlfriend when he goes in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Athena has just finished up Halloween season, which now leads to Thanksgiving/Christmas SZN within the sorority community. It’s wild how the college scene works these days with social media influencing the SZNs. Halloween seems like it lasted a month. Athena has piles of content just from this one holiday.

Now it’s time to get down to football content. Athena is sitting at 22k IG followers, but that’s without hardly any Bama football content. One big weekend — like the Auburn weekend — and she’s skyrocketing to 50k. What a time to be alive for Bama sorority members.

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GAME one with my DAY ones!!!!🏈❣️

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