Meet Keeley Nycole From Bama

Keeley Nycole is an Alpha Phi at the University of Alabama

via Instagram

Tired of Bama sorority girls yet? Hope not because I have to load up with Bama content now so I have it all ready to go for the College Football Playoff in December when guys will be bored with Bama crushing Michigan and they’ll be desperate for Bama content of some sort.

Enter the sorority ladies of Alabama and Keeley Nycole, who seems to be a content machine who shows no sign of slowing down ahead of Bama’s destruction of college football. Keeley is an Alpha Phi just trying to get through a fall while enjoying all that Bama has to offer. Things look like they’re going great. Halloween parties looked LIT. It appears the ladies had a domestic beer dress-up night. Tua is dropping bombs on 5-star SEC cornerbacks and Nick Saban hasn’t lost a step.

You really have to wonder if the Alpha Phi ladies ever take a moment to soak it all in. Soak in how lucky they are to be in school during this era where they’re going to run out of space for gameday dresses that have seen SEC and national titles. I just hope Keeley, 8,100 IG followers, take time to give thanks to Nick and all that he has done for this school that deserved to catch a break and get the greatest coach in the history of college football.

What a time to be alive for the Alpha Phi ladies.