Joe Rogan

Feb 2, 2021

Joe Rogan Says He Will Not Take COVID-19 Vaccine

UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan has been requiring his guests to take a COVID-19 test since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and he has touted different treatments and vitamins to help with the virus. However, he will not...

Sad Clemson Fan, Joe Rogan's Ridiculous Russian Hat & Eric Decker Getting Aggressive With His Wife

The election is over, so let’s get back to sports This past week hasn’t been fun. The election is over, but in a way it’s not because people are still out there protesting even though our democratic process played out...

Nov 13, 2016

Joe Rogan Apologizes For Implying Jose Aldo's Body Looked 'Different' At UFC 194

Seems like Joe really wants to say Aldo was off the juice.

Dec 17, 2015