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Busy morning around here after a night of Adrian Peterson research

Look, should any of us be surprised Adrian Peterson has financial trouble after making around $100 million over his NFL career that is still going? We shouldn’t. As long as athletes are making insane amounts of money there will be guys burning through cash like they’re going to die tomorrow. What’s so interesting about the Peterson case is how a guy who gets into trouble then finds himself digging an even deeper hole and then needing a bailout, but these bailouts don’t come from traditional banks.

AP had to find someone willing to loan him $5.2 million and, as I found out in court documents, it’s not like Chase Bank is giving him that type of bailout loan. He has to find a different type of person and AP ended up in the banking business with a guy who owns DeAngelo Vehicle Sales out of Hazleton, PA. A couple Google searches tell us that this isn’t a traditional situation AP finds himself in.

All I’m going to say is AP stiffed someone that you and I wouldn’t think of stiffing. This is a bad situation for All Day. I smell a liquidation of assets coming up soon.

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