Sydney Sweeney Makes BC Debut, Joe Rogan Gets Paid & Dejounte Murray Dunks On Neighbor Kids

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Pretty sure I watched another show on PBS last night. Can’t really remember. I do remember watching a History Channel show on the Nazis using crystal meth. That was interesting for an hour or so. It’s been cloudy for 4.5 days in a row and there’s still another two to go. I’ll probably eat something horrible this evening, maybe catch Wheel of Fortune and do whatever.

Sydney Sweeney makes her BC debut

Kristin’s old friend…I didn’t have an affair with Jay

Joe Rogan made a huge pile of cash on Tuesday…HUUGGGE

Dejounte Murray goes over to his neighbors & dunks all over the kids on their driveway hoop

An impressive Jameis vs. Aaron Rodgers stat to drop around the watercooler today

Russian nurse rips off a few layers under her PPE

Sleeping Florida Man’s dogs start barking, he gets up & finds recently released from prison Florida Man naked in his kitchen

Let’s check in with Liv Cowherd

No Way I’m Out Driving This Guy With My Two Legs Video of the Week

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Burger of the Day

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Only Fans Pro Alex Ann Stops By, Sean McVay Pushups For The Ladies & Joe Exotic’s Pardon Push
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