Sad Clemson Fan, Joe Rogan’s Ridiculous Russian Hat & Eric Decker Getting Aggressive With His Wife

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The election is over, so let’s get back to sports

This past week hasn’t been fun. The election is over, but in a way it’s not because people are still out there protesting even though our democratic process played out fairly. I don’t want to be on one side or the other, but if you want more on why it happened, I suggest you read this by my boss, Joe.

I think now we should get back to sports. The college football regular season is winding down, the NFL is getting to the point where we’re finding out who’s actually good / might be able to beat the Patriots, and somehow the Cubs just won a World Series. So I say let’s all be happy and enjoy what we have right now. It’s a nice time to be a sports fan.

Numbers from:

Alabama's game was Nick Saban's 45th coaching the AP No. 1 team. That tied Bobby Bowden and Woody Hayes for the most.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) November 12, 2016