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May 20, 2012

It’s All Over, Jersey Chasers, Jeremy Shockey Got Married Last Night In Miami [VIDEO]

Tragic news this morning for jersey chasers & the Miami model scene. Jeremy Shockey, a man of bachelorhood until 31, Daniela Cortazar in an official ceremony at the 5 Star pool on the infamous 5 Star Island. You might remember how Shockey, in April, went from being in a huge feud with Warren Sapp to tweeting about his wifey in a matter of days. Of course this guy wins the 'Offseason of the Year' award for a guy and hasn't even found a team to play for yet. JUMP!

May 18, 2012

President Nick Saban Gets This Military Welcome At Fort Benning Today

Of course BC loves the troops as much as the next Republican, but why is everyone kissing Nick Saban's ass today at Fort Benning in Georgia. Isn't not like all these guys who lined the walkway to the National Infantry Museum are Bama fans. You'd figure one of these guys would blurt out a 'War Eagle' as a joke or something. It's as if these soldiers were warned that a single LSU chant and that punk would be cleaning shitters for a week. JUMP!

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May 18, 2012

Former Bears Safety Chris Harris Taking Loss On Suburban Pad; $329K! [PHOTOS]

We've been getting some emails from guys complaining that the only houses we run are ridiculous multi-million dollar mansions. Blah, blah, blah. Something about, "Yeah, but how some of the lesser known guys are living?" Ok, smartasses, you want to see how a seven-year vet making $1.5 million a year is rolling? Check out this suburban Chicago house that former Bears safety Chris Harris is trying to sell. The guy isn't exactly selling a Shangri-La. JUMP!

May 18, 2012

Hands Down Best RGIII Beats Off On Jay Leno Headline – EVER! Greatest E.V.E.R!

Look what was waiting for WTOP radio station mobile app users in the D.C. area this morning. Backstory: RGIII was on Jay Leno last night doing some beatboxing. Blah, blah, blah. Of course nobody cares what happens on Leno at midnight. What we care about is the headlines dropped the next morning by some underpaid producer who gave us this "RG III beat off on Leno," gem. By the way, the performance was so dope. Video - JUMP!

May 17, 2012

Brett Favre & Deanna Gettin’ Some Breakfast At The Donut Hole Live Tweets

What's retirement like for Brett Favre? He can't even make a stop at some place called The Donut Hole for some breakfast without some chick live tweetin' the whole damn thing. Gotta give the guy credit, he hasn't just resorted to slappin' eggs and 'taters together in the skillet for Deanna. The old boy will actually take his wife out on a Thursday for some fine eatin'. Thankfully Meghan live tweeted her encounter with The Slinger. JUMP!

May 16, 2012

Cowboys Cheerleader Bikini Calendar Photos From Mexico Just Won’t Stop

At this point we figure you guys think BC is just dicking around and stretching out these Dallas Cowboys cheerleader galleries because it's a slow news week. Not the case at all. There are like 50 chicks on the team and they just keep uploading snapshots from their time in Cancun. While many NFL cheerleading units are a complete mess with social networking, the DCC is just a machine. Just blasting us with bikini shots at least 3-4 times per day. The latest – JUMP!

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May 15, 2012

PHOTOS: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Invade Riviera Maya To Shoot Bikini Calendar

So it seems that over the last week or so there has been a gang of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders holed up in some Riviera Maya (Mexico – south of Cancun) resort where they've been taking bikini photos for this season's calendar. Is there a smarter cheerleading team in the history of sports? No. Do you realize the weather in Riviera Maya this time of year? Hot, sunny and your IQ is 36 if you aren't in a bikini. The best part of this trip? The ladies have unleashed photo galleries. JUMP!

NFL Quarterbacks At Steeplechase Events: Was NFC West QB Pounding Nattys At Foxfield?

Yesterday we ran photos of Jay Cutler at some famous Tennessee steeplechase event where he seemed to be bro'd out at a high level with his pink shirt and loafers. Chris in D.C. emailed us and said to look up a certain NFC West QB who was at a steeplechase event back in April. "Seems like going to a stupid horse race is suddenly the cool thing to do in the NFL," he wrote. Yep, Chris is right. We found our guy. JUMP!

May 15, 2012

The Only Thing Grantland Has Done Is Make Smug Asshole Middle Managers Do Even Less Than Before Grantland

Good guy Richard Deitsch is at some ESPN promotional event this morning called Upfront where suits tell advertisers how great they are and remind them why their advertising dollars should go to the World Wide Leader. No problem with that. But then the assholes go and brag about Grantland bridging sports & pop culture. Good one, pricks.

May 15, 2012

Everyone Settle The F*ck Down, Donovan McNabb IS IN PLAYING SHAPE!

ProFootballTalk reports: “I’m in great shape,” (Donovan) McNabb said on ESPN’s SportsCenter Monday. “I’m in great shape. I’ve dropped 15, 20 pounds.” The photo on the left is from like last week. The photo on right with Purple Jesus is from their trip to the Caribbean in March. Look at McNabb owning ESPN by releasing possibly false advertising. As for the agent that let ESPN shoot video of Tubby in the ocean, he should be fired.

May 14, 2012

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May 14, 2012

Troy Aikman Has Sold His .90 Acres Of Texas Land For Estimated $8-9 Million!

Big real estate news late last week that we think you guys will enjoy telling your coworkers about. Remember that .90 acres of land that Troy Aikman was trying to sell next to his $14,000,000 Texas mansion? Yeah, well someone bought the land. How much for the dirt? Candy Evans, a noted Dallas real estate news hound, estimates the final purchase price between $8-9 million. No, you don't get a house. Just this land. JUMP!

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May 14, 2012

Jay Cutler Looked Dashing In Pink At The Iroquois Steeplechase [PHOTOS]

In case you don't keep up on all things steeplechase, bourbon & Tennessee, you missed out on Jay Cutler and the Iroquois Steeplechase, a 71-year-old tradition for Nashvillians. There was Cutler, on Saturday, with his pregnant Kristin Cavallari, looking quite SEC in his pink button-up and loafers. It was quite a difference from the last time we saw the scraggly Cutler. You might remember the t-shirt & sweats combo. Saturday was time to bust out the bro gear. JUMP!

May 14, 2012

Gronk’s Birthday Party Included This Blonde With What Appear To Be Fake Breasts

So Gronk and parts of Team Jizz Blaster went out last night for the Patriots tight end's birthday (which is today) with five chicks for four guys. The two brahs in the middle are his brothers. Nope, can't keep them all straight and names are just useless details in this post. What matters is that Gronk has the Barbie doll wearing blue pumps and what we assume is the shortest skirt in clothing history. Sidenote: fake rack? JUMP!

May 10, 2012

Tim Tebow’s Dog Will Now Be Called Bronx Not Bronco

From what we can tell by looking at Tim Tebow's dog, he appears to be a grown boy who has taken to his name 'Bronco.' You ever owned a dog? By six months the dog's name is the dog's name. Not changing it. Want the dog to come in after dropping a deuce? Call his name? Angry at the dog for dropping a deuce in the hallway? You scream his name. Tim Tebow is changing all that in a purely Tim Tebow kinda way. JUMP!

May 9, 2012

Buy Bobby Petrino’s Wrecked Harley Davidson! Current Bid: $2,550!

This is not a joke. Bobby Petrino's wrecked Harley is really up for auction right now on some site called It's the same Harley that Bobby dumped while riding with mistress Jessica Dorrell one Sunday that eventually led to his firing at the University of Arkansas. What do you get in this auction? A piece of road beef memorabilia that is unmatched in the SEC. Just think of the conversation starter this beast is. It can be yours! JUMP!

May 8, 2012

Pretty Sure This Is The ReTweet Where Lauren Tannehill Leaves Her Husband For A Loser Sports Blogger

Lauren Tannehill is obviously tired of her new boring, hot NFL quarterback husband. She went on a RT spree this morning so we threw out the fishing line to see if she was in the mood to bite. Um, you see what happened. This RT obviously means she gets our humor (SCORE!) and isn't freaked out by our fascination with her boobs via those galleries we've been running (SCORE #2!). GALLERY - JUMP!

May 8, 2012

31 Greatest Tom Brady Haircuts & Hairstyles That Drive Gay Men Nuts

Let's face it, each time Tom Brady hits a red carpet a new hairstyle makes its debut only to make gay men drop what they're doing and hit the salon. Last night, Tom debuted the 'Dorsal Fin' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala. It's a play off a David Beckham faux hawk and Cameron Diaz's bangs look in Something About Mary. You must give Brady credit, he'll do anything with his hair to keep his wife happy. Smart move. JUMP!

May 7, 2012

Sharon Simmons Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Tryout Dream Over Due To Amnesia?

The national tragedy that is Sharon Simmons, the 55-year-old grandmother, trying out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders should finally be over. The smokeshow was at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday for the first round of tryouts and might get a "We're so happy for the publicity" vote from the judges into the 2nd round, but in all reality the dream is over for Simmons. How do we know? Well, she's old and admits that she forgot her routine. JUMP!

May 7, 2012

GUESS THAT NFL MAN CAN RACK! Boobs Busting Loose On LA Vacation!

What NFLer was hanging at some LA hotel pool, minding his business without a posse only to be hounded by some rookie paparazzi chick? That's the game we're playing today on Guess That NFL Man Can Rack. No hints. No Photoshop used to enhance the rack. This should be a simple one if you know white guys in the NFL. JUMP!

May 7, 2012

Can I Get A ‘Roll Tide’ Up In This Mother*#&^ing Decatur, Alabama Jail? [Cuff ‘Em]

Couple weeks back we were getting sh*t from Auburn fans who thought we were picking on them for being a bunch of dirty rednecks. Like we would actually be picking on the school where Cam Newton won a BCS championship. We love BCS schools that are passionate, a little redneck-y and willing to wear their school colors during mugshots at the county jail. Today we visit the Decatur, AL jail. Roll Tide! JUMP!

May 5, 2012

Sean Payton Performed At The House Of Blues Last Night [PHOTOS]

What do you do when the NFL commissioner makes you take a year off from football for a scandal? If you are Sean Payton, you go to the New Orleans House of Blues and walk on stage to perform for the crowd. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals lead off the concert according to Deadspin and then Payton played keyboard. Payton said he would coach his son's football team this year but it looks like we'll be seeing him having some fun. JUMP!

May 5, 2012

Tuscaloosa Newspaper Can’t Even Spell ‘Handcuff’ Correctly [PHOTOS]

The Tuscaloosa News had a little bit of trouble with their headline for their girl's softball story today. The writer, which we are just going to assume is a University of Alabama graduate, spelled 'handcuff' as 'hancuff'. You would think they would have spell check or an editor. Maybe the guy was just so upset that the Gators are gaining ground on the Crimson Tide in a women's athletic event that it was just an emotional mistake. Who knows? HT @OurHonorDefend. JUMP!

May 4, 2012

Wait, Deion Sanders Has A Kitchen In His Master Bathroom? And Dishwasher?

Just happened to be surfing around some of our real estate friend's sites today and noticed a very interesting tidbit from a tour Deion Sanders granted to a Dallas TV station of his 29,000 sq. ft. mansion. It seems that Deion actually has a kitchen in his master bedroom bathroom. That stainless steel thing you see? Yeah, it's a fridge. Can you blame a guy? This is why rich people think they're better than you and I. Because they are & have fridges in the bathroom. JUMP!

May 4, 2012

Is Tebowing College Cheerleader Tessa Just Trying To Get In Tim’s Pants?

TEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOW! Of course these days it takes a batsh*t crazy Tebowing to even get me excite. Just some chick Tebowing on green grass doesn't move me. Enter University of Cincinnati cheerleader Tessa and her Tebowing stunt. Of course she's risking her life, possibly a broken neck to pull off this maneuver. You want on BC for your Tebowing? It's going to take Tebowing while parachuting. Somebody step up. JUMP!

May 4, 2012

Some Of A.J. McCarron’s New Tattoo Work Revealed! [PHOTOS]

The big news in the SEC this offseason, besides Bobby Petrino landing his road beef a nice job within the Arkansas football department, is that Alabama QB A.J. McCarron received some new chest tattoo ink to go with his already dreamy Jesus ink. It was announced in early April that A.J. had rosaries, doves and a BCS crystal ball added to his pecs. Now comes the visual evidence. Let's just say this guy might be the most tatted white QB in NCAA history. JUMP!

May 3, 2012

ESPN Gets Junior Seau’s Old Neighbor Taylor Twellman To Comment On Tragedy

First of all, understand that Taylor Twellman is a retired soccer player turned soccer analyst. It just happens that he works for ESPN. Hmm, how can we get this guy involved in the Junior Seau story? Oh, look, he was Seau's neighbor like forever ago. "Sh*t, someone get Twellman on the line and we can ask him about a guy's mindset like four years go." Supposedly Twellman reached out to Seau about concussions. Must not of been a good enough friend. Seau never responded.

May 3, 2012

Jay Cutler Seems To Be Handling The Paparazzi With Grace & Calm

Not sure what pissed off Jay Cutler while he and pregnant wife Kristin Cavallari were walking down the street this week, but the Bears QB didn't seem to like being photographed looking like a slob. Keep trying to tell you Bears fans that this guy is a ticking timebomb. The guy breaks off his engagement, gets hurt, knocks up his ex-fiancé and is now going to marry her again. Now he can't walk down the street without middle fingering cameras. Tick...tick...tick...JUMP!

May 3, 2012

Kate Upton’s Teen Rival Nathalia Ramos Playing Beach Football! [29 PHOTOS]

Never heard of Nathalia Ramos? Same here, but there she was in a bikini and playing around with a football on the beach in L.A. That becomes instant post material. Then, digging a little deeper, we realize that if there was ever going to be a teen rival for Kate Upton, Ramos has to be that chick. She's just 19 (so is Upton until June 10) and is known for being cute and in stupid movies. What Ramos has done with these beach photos is to lob the first volley. JUMP!

May 2, 2012

Junior Seau Is Dead. Gunshot To The Chest. Over. Done. Suicide.

Junior Seau took his own life today according to media reports out of San Diego. ABC 10 in San Diego is reporting that Seau yesterday sent his ex-wife and kids a text saying he loved them. Reports are that cause of death was a gunshot to the chest. You might remember Seau allegedly tried to kill himself in 2010. As for reaction from the NFL community, Donte Stallworth wasn't taking the news very well. More to come.

May 2, 2012

Abigail Klein Is Troy Aikman’s New Girlfriend & Former Cowboys Cheerleader [PHOTOS]

TMZ was up to their old tricks Monday night outside some trendy LA nightspot when they ran into Troy Aikman and a lovely blonde. Troy buys his "friend" some roses and makes small talk with the paps, leaving us to wonder exactly who this new chick is. Of course the Internet delivered an answer and this is just about the perfect scenario for us - the chick is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Her name is Abigail Klein. We assume they're just "friends." JUMP!

May 2, 2012

One Of America’s Most Wanted (Michigan Fan) Being Arrested By Ohio State Fan

First of all, yes, the U.S. Marshals need to get with the times and release high-res images of these criminals they take off the streets. Get back to me, boys. High-res. 200 dpi. Anyway, big news from the law enforcement world – "Bobby Thompson" is off the streets. Dude stole millions from the U.S. Navy Veterans Association. Blah, blah, blah. Bad guy with bad intentions. Thief. In other news, look what this jabroni was wearing when he was arrested by OSU fan. JUMP!

May 1, 2012

University Of Oregon 2012 Cheerleader Tryout Photos

While nearly every NFL team is busy putting together a 2012-13 cheerleading roster the same was going on in Eugene over the weekend. Of course we could care less what the Arizona Cardinals cheerleading team is up to when there are college chicks covered in skimpy Nike gear shakin' it for the right to shake it for Chip Kelly's team in September. Our old friend Stephanie Essin is back. You might remember her as the aspiring sideline reporter. JUMP!

Apr 30, 2012

Gronk’s Jizz Blaster Brothers Actually Wore Gronk Nation Shirts To K-State Spring Game

Anyone think the Jizz Blaster brothers (no Rob) wearing these Gronk Nation shirts in Manhattan, Kansas over the weekend kinda diminishes the brand? We're down with the Zubaz, but was there a need to have Gronk Nation shirts made? There better be some smartass saying on the back. There better be a "Yo Soy Fiesta" or a "2 Girls, 1 Gronk." Something. Anyway, who's the chick? JUMP!

Apr 30, 2012

Judge Warren Sapp TV Show Pays Audience $50 To Show Up For Tapings

As mentioned in the Daily Dump, Warren Sapp has moved on from his gig at the NFL Network to the frontier of TV court judge. No, we're not kidding. This is the real deal. He's really going to be a judge on your television at some point very soon. Again, not kidding. The former NFLer joins the likes of Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, Judge Greg Mathis, etc. How serious is this situation? A production company paid people to sit in Sapp's court this weekend. JUMP!

Apr 30, 2012

WTF Was Going On With Erin Andrews Dress At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

Normally we'd just leave Erin Andrews alone and not talk about her attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner unless she was drunk or sucking neck with Bob Schieffer. But then Pageviews goes and prods us to post something about this ridiculous dress she wore Saturday night in D.C. Head to knees everything seems to be in order and very White House dinner-y. And then the wild ass action gets rolling on the red carpet. JUMP!

Apr 28, 2012

The Redskins Really Messed Up Their RGIII Introduction Press Conference [PHOTOS]

The Washington Redskins held an introductory press conference for the 2nd overall pick in the NFL Draft today for Robert Griffin III. The former Baylor Bear and Heisman trophy winner walked up on stage and then this screen went up that just read "Video Lock Error Ident Mode" on the NFL Network. The feed was not able to be resurrected and anything RGIII had to say was only heard by the people in the room. JUMP!