NBC 3 Cleveland’s Weather Twitter Account Takes Shot At Hue Jackson, Station Claims Hack Job

Here I wanted it to be a TRIGGERED weather guy who went off the rails and lost it over Hue Jackson calling for the QB sneak from the 2 with :15 left in the first half – with no timeouts. I wanted to be some certified Storm Team 3 meteorologist going all Anchorman with the weather team’s Twitter account and just roasting Hue Jackson for another loss.

Did you know the Browns haven’t won on a Sunday in 701 days? Incredible, right?

Turns out, according to the weather team, that some joker hacked their account to take shots at Hue and the 0-9 team. It wasn’t meant to be.

Weather tweets are protected? pic.twitter.com/XlUAwPBZEq

— Matt (@MattErnst_) November 12, 2017

Hmm, someone thought the best account to hack & take a shot at Hue Jackson would be a Cleveland weather station account? So weird.

More of the Channel 3 weather hack:

.@wkycweather twitter is going buck wild. pic.twitter.com/BLMwSglXB0

— Jame Gumb (@Andy_CTOWN) November 12, 2017