Bills Mafia Week 10 Tailgating Highlights


Respect the lot #Hammers #Billsmafia🏈

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It’s been a couple of weeks now since the last Bills home game and you know the Bills Mafia faithful have been fiending to get back out to the Ralph (they still call it the Ralph, right?) on a Sunday morning to do just a tad bit of drinking.

Also, it’s football weather in Buffalo today, which means it’s tailgate weather for Bills Mafia. They’re looking at a high of 42 today with cloud cover all day. The good thing for Bills fans is that they eat cold, cloudy Sunday mornings for breakfast. They thrive on it. This is what they live for.

Now let’s get on to the tailgate highlights:

2 beers, 2 dead tables

#billsmafia @barstoolsports @doit4state @5thyear

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Saints fan RKO

Table wouldn’t go down without a fight

A little too much air

He missed the table… #billsmafia #whodat @barstoolsports

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Another Saints fan joining the party

Table had no chance

Then that happened. Rick James !

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Trust fall!

Never know when coach will call your number

Pregame bottle flipping at the @97rock tent!

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Fake Bills baby ripping a cig

Dave and his fake baby.

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Pinto Ron doing his thing

KETCHUP!! 🤣😂🤣 #billsmafia

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Flip butt

Flip butt #BillsMafia

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