Roger Goodell Hit Up A NYC Seahawks Bar To Watch Thursday Night Football

When @nflcommish shows up in NYC at the @Seahawks dive bar to drink bud light and take fireball shots with the rest of us.

— Patrick M. Horton (@patrickmhorton) November 10, 2017

What better way for Roger Goodell to celebrate yet another Ezekiel Elliott suspension yesterday than by hitting up a local NYC dive bar to watch Thursday Night Football with some Seahawks fans? As a known man of the people and not at all a New York elitist, it’s no surprise to see Rog hanging with the common folk.

This is a guy who’s staring a 200 million dollar extension right in the face (unless ole Jerruh has something to say about it) and just won another legal dispute with a star player, so of course he’s going to go get drunk and watch some football to celebrate. He’s just like us!

The @nflcommish came to the Seahawks bar in NYC for the game tonight!

— Alex Smith (@alexcwsmith89) November 10, 2017

One video of Goodell ripping shots with some fans could really do wonders for the public opinion on him.

Also, kind of funny that he chose to go to a Seahawks bar and immediately after the game ended, the entire team shat all over Thursday Night Football.


When the NFL Commish takes a shot at the bar.. @bustedcoverage #gohawks #gocougs #commish #nyc #seahawks #rogergoodell #nfl #ThursdayNightFootball

— Danielle Davis (@danielle_davis6) November 10, 2017

The ladies love Rog