Vontaze Burfict Gives Titans Fans the Money Manziel Sign After Ejection


Controversial Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict was tossed from today’s game against the Titans after “making contact” with a referee. Whether he was worthy of such an aggressive punishment is up for debate, as you can see in the video above that Burfict didn’t exactly do much to earn the call. If anything, it seems like he was penalized for his shady reputation.

However, there’s no need to shed tears for Vontaze — he didn’t seem to stressed and gave fans the Money Manziel on his way out:

Sidenote: ESPN notes this is the first ejection in Vontaze’s career, which is honestly a total shocker.

Vontaze was also flagged for unnecessary roughness on the same drive for this supposed late hit on DeMarco Murray:

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