Miami Fan Flies ” Gold Chains > Gold Helmets #RudyWasOffsides” Airplane Banner Over College Gameday

Okay, hiring a plane to make a #RudyWasOffsides joke is hilarious. #GameDaySigns #NDvsMIA

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) November 11, 2017

If you’re keeping track, this is the second time this season and third time in 2 years that someone has spent hard earned money to fly a banner in the name of a college football joke.

Earlier in the year, it was someone going after Butch Jones and before that, Kiffin got roasted. Today, it was a Miami fan taking his shot at Notre Dame. I have a feeling it was some tanned up, rich Miami guy who dropped these stacks to get his Rudy joke in the air this morning. The same guy who wears all white linen and sat courtside at Heat games between 2010-2014.

But he’s 1000% right. Gold chains are, in fact, greater than gold helmets.


— Matthew Bunch (@matthewsbunch) November 11, 2017

And Rudy was definitely offsides.