Jaguars Corey Grant Takes A Fake Punt 56-Yards To The Crib

#Jaguars FAKE PUNT to the HOUSE!

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) November 12, 2017

JAGGIN’ OFF. How can you not love and root for this Jaguars team? All these years of suffering through shitty teams and shitty coaches and finally they have a fun team to enjoy.

The defense is incredible, Fournette is a freaking monster, and now they’re faking punts and taking them 56-yards to the crib. These are the Jaguars we’re talking about!

Remember this from the preseason? Same play

Jaguars really pulled out a fake punt in a preseason game. 😂

— (@3lone) August 25, 2017

And we all made fun of them for opening up the playbook in the preseason. You think team’s that scouted the Jags were expecting them to break that out again in week 10? No chance.

Oh, and don’t forget this from London

4th and 1 Fake Punt up 37-0#Jaguars #RavensFlock

— Brian Chojnacki (@BroadcastingBri) September 24, 2017