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Baseball - page 60

Sep 12, 2012

Padres Security Guard Ruins SportsCenter Top 10 Moment For Ball Girl [VIDEO]

This isn't the first time we've featured one of the San Diego Padres ball girls here on BC. A few weeks back, Padres ball girl Catalina made an insane catch. We've come to expect greatness from the Padres ball girls so this video is a real bummer. It's a different ball girl, but she seems primed and ready to make a great catch. Enter cowardly security guard. This guy is there to protect people and he scurries off like a little kid, botching the ball girls catch attempt! JUMP!

Sep 12, 2012

Bodyguard Auctioning Jose Canseco Collectibles Including 40/40 Bat! [PHOTOS]

$80,000?! Does Jose Canseco's former bodyguard John Carlson honestly think he can get $80k for a few pieces of Canseco memorabilia? There are two separate eBay listings, each going for $40k. The first package is a collection of game used cleats, bat, ball and base from the game where he secured a 40/40 season. The second is his ALCS ring from 1988. Worried about authenticity? Don't be. Carlson provides photo evidence of his friendship with Jose. JUMP!

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Sep 12, 2012

Joe Nathan’s Tony Romo Halloween Costume [PHOTOS]

Joe Nathan, a Giants fan, last night paid up on his NFL regular season opener bet with Rangers pitcher Mike Adams by wearing the official Tony Romo uniform during BP. Notice: official Nike Romo jersey. The bet was to wear the uniform through batting practice and let lots of fans take photos of the shaming. Nathan, born in Houston, was raised in New York. Here he figured there was no way the Super Bowl champion would lose an opener. JUMP!

Sep 12, 2012

ESPN WSOP Censors Clearly Missed This Middle Fingering [Morning Twitpic]

Kudos to @DominicGallo for actually sitting through last night's World Series of Poker episode. Nope, that's not Phil Helmuth. In baseball news, the Yankees are back in a first place tie with the Orioles. Someone wake us in October. Moving on...a Korean couple is suing Hooters over one of the company's waitresses writing "chinx" on the takeout order slip. It's a sad day when a Hooters waitress can't drop race jokes on to-go slips. Let's get rolling!

Sep 10, 2012

Angry Yankees Fan In Maine Throws Brick Through Police Station Door [Cuff ‘Em]

Via: Portland police arrested a man wearing a New York Yankees hat over the weekend after he threw a brick through the police station's glass front door. Police say Jeffrey Nason, 38, entered the Middle Street station at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday to complain that someone in the street had yelled at him for wearing a Yankees cap. Jeff needs to calm the f*ck down. The Yankees now have a 1 game lead on Baltimore.

Sep 7, 2012

Rockies Pitcher Jhoulys Chacin Drops Throw From Catcher; Blows Game [VIDEO]

The Braves took on the Rockies yesterday in Atlanta. It was a pretty uninteresting game for the most part and was 0-0 heading into the bottom of the second. Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario was routinely tossing the ball back to pitcher Jhoulys Chacin when something odd happened. Chacin just totally missed the ball and it went rolling towards second base, allowing Juan Francisco to score from third! JUMP!

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Sep 6, 2012

The Skinny Barry Bonds Summer Of Hiking & Biking [PHOTOS]

Barry Bonds has to be one of the strangest retired black baseball players in MLB history. The guy made $188 million over his baseball career, battled through courts and now unwinds by cycling through Colorado and hiking mountains. That's totally the craziest rich black guy retirement plan we've ever heard of. Name another retired black MLB player going shirtless on Colorado backcountry hikes. You can't. Face it, Skinny Barry Bonds is a lean beast. JUMP!

Snotty Girl Gets Baseball At Marlins Game…With Help Of Her Hot Mom [VIDEO]

If you are expecting sympathy from us in this post, stop reading now. This girl is infuriating. She didn't get a ball that she thought she deserved so she threw a hissy-fit for an inning. The girl was literally screaming and flailing her arms until she got her baseball. Props to the players for ignoring her too. Flat-out not giving the girl the time of day...that is until her MILF of a mom flashed some cleavage. Never seen a baseball get tossed into a crowd that fast before! JUMP!

Sep 6, 2012

Oakland A’s Pitcher Brandon McCarthy Takes Line Drive Off Head [VIDEO]

We can say with full confidence that 90% of our readers were not watching today's game between the Oakland A's and the LA Angels. No worries, we got you guys covered. In the 4th inning, Erick Aybar hit a line drive right up the middle...until it connected directly with A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy's head. McCarthy dropped like a ton of bricks and trainers immediately came to his side. Respect to McCarthy though...bro walked off on his own power. JUMP!

Sep 5, 2012

Ozzie Guillen Has Lost His Goddamn Mind On Twitter…Or Was Hacked

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what has been posted today to Ozzie Guillen's Twitter account. Yes, Ozzie is a crazy maniac who doesn't usually make sense in English, but these tweets are more incoherent than usual. Man juices? And there's so much more. For example: whit. all. this. trafic. lol. but. is. ok. i. going. to. listen. el. tigre. rafael. salsa. program. in. venezuela. animoooo(.) Ozzie's account had been dead since May 17. JUMP!

Sep 5, 2012

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Sep 5, 2012

21 Best NSFW ‘The Yankees Are F*ckin’ Blowing It’ Tweets

The Yankees held a 10-game lead in the AL East on July 18. Lets just say things have changed. The Yankees are in an ugly slide, going 19-25 since then. The Bronx Bombers find themselves in a tie with the division rival Orioles who are 29-15 in the same span. Are the Yankees the new Mets? Could they possibly blow the division lead this late in the season? Twitter was going nuts last night as Yankees fans prepared for the worst. JUMP!

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Sep 5, 2012

Jose Canseco Surfaces At Labor Day Softball Tournament

He might have hit just .194 this summer for the Worcester Tornadoes, but Jose Canseco isn't about to hang up the cleats on the 2012 season. There he was, Bash Brother, reportedly slumming it on Labor Day with fat guys at a Fullerton, California softball tourney. This guy just can't get the sport out of his blood. 14 hits in 72 ABs for Worcester didn't end his dreams. Have bat, will travel. JUMP!

Sep 4, 2012

Jim Edmonds Selling His 2007 Mercedes-Benz S600 For $80,000! [PHOTOS]

It looks like retirement is hitting Jim Edmonds a little harder than he expected. With his career earnings from baseball in the $90 million range, it's hard to believe Edmonds could possibly be strapped for cash. Why then is he selling his 2007 Mercedes Benz S600...for $100,000 less than he put in it?! The car doesn't even have 25k miles on it! Is it possible that Jimmy Baseball has burned through his fortune? Does he need this $80 grand more than we think? JUMP!

Aug 31, 2012

Mike Trout’s Girlfriend Tweets Out Junior Prom Photo; Brace Face! [PHOTO]

Just over a month ago we introduced you to Jessica Cox, Mike Trout's long-time girlfriend. We were doing a routine check of her Twitter today and came across this gem! Jess tweeted out a junior prom photo from 2007 of her with Trout. An adorable couple reliving their high school glory days, but Trout is rocking quite the brace-face! How far he's come from this photo to the cover of SI in only five years! JUMP!

Aug 30, 2012

Do You Recognize This Cubs Pervert Who Was Trying To Lure A Little Girl? [Cuff ‘Em]

Are you out of work, behind on your house payments, the electric is about to be shut off and you need to pay for a divorce? Getting out of debt could be easy. Do you know this bank robber? Would you consider turning on your homeboy, but don’t have the nerves to rat? Let us help you. We’ll turn on your homeboy. And split the reward money with you! It’s a win-win. Full story – JUMP!

Aug 29, 2012

Pablo Sandoval & Brandon Crawford Combine For Catch Of The Year [VIDEO]

Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Crawford combined for a circus catch in last nights game against the Houston Astros. Sandoval AKA The Kung Fu Panda made a mad dash from third base to chase down a foul ball. He got to the spot but over-pursued and ended up falling over, losing control of the ball. Enter shortstop Brandon Crawford. This bro hustled over from his position to make arguably the catch of the year! JUMP!

Aug 29, 2012

Yes, Ron Jeremy Signed The Herald-Tribune’s 2000 MLB Preview [MORNING TWITPIC]

For whatever reason Ron Jeremy always seems to make his presence felt on BC. Last time it was when he attended a random Memphis vs. Ole Miss game, and now this. Chad Brockhoff (@CBrokhoff941) is a former employee of the Sarasota based Herald Tribune. He dug up this gem and tweeted it out last night...long live The Hedgehog. In NFL news, Jerry Jones is denying all reports of the "Dez Rules" and perennial screw-up Kenny Britt is off the PUP! JUMP!

Aug 28, 2012

Former Cowboys Cheerleader Ann Lux Splits With Fiancé Will Middlebrooks? [PHOTOS]

Back in May we reported some big time WAG news. Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Ann Lux was reportedly engaged to Red Sox infielder Will Middlebrooks. It was an adorable story. The two met when they were 12-years-old and grew up together. It was practically a movie script waiting to happen. Until now. A seemingly normal photo surfaced of Lux out on the town with some friends...but look closer. No engagement ring! That's right, Lux ditched the rock! JUMP!

Aug 28, 2012

Padres Ball Girl Snags Line Drive; Catch Of The Night [VIDEO]

Last night's Padres-Braves game came and went. Odds are none of you watched it and that's a damn shame because you missed the catch of the night. Logan Forsythe, the Padres infielder hit what looked like a routine foul ball...until a Padres ball girl named Catalina stepped in. Hopping up instinctively from her chair, Catalina stuck her glove out and pulled a frozen rope out of the air. Best part? Braves reliever Chad Durbin pays Catalina his respects with a fist-pound. JUMP!

Aug 28, 2012

Send Me This Pete Rose Shirt For The 2012 MLB Playoffs [Morning Twitpic]

Our wrestling sources tell us that Kane's unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose continued last night on Raw. Meanwhile, the above shirt has been spotted recently in Cincinnati. Someone tell me where I can get one (via @TheycallmeNich). In college football news, Penn State has banned 'Sweet Caroline' from being played during games - something, something, offensive lyrics, "touching me, touching you." The students will just improvise. Let's get rolling!

Aug 25, 2012

Hmm, Tannehill Was 27-Of-11 Last Night Against The Falcons? Ok. [Morning Twitpic]

Have you heard about the insane baseball trade between the Red Sox and the suddenly loaded with cash Dodgers? Carl ...

Aug 24, 2012

The Cutest Wrigley Field Cubs Groom’s Cake You’ll See All Week

Aaron Smith got married last weekend. He seems to be a decent guy. Good head on his shoulders. 118 Twitter followers. Cute bride. The happy couple have great smiles. Just building a nice little life for themselves. The only issue for Aaron is that he's a Cubs fan and about to have his groom's cake passed around the Internet. Sure, it's a great cake, but nothing is more depressing than being reminded of the Cubs futility by your new wife. JUMP!

Aug 24, 2012

36 Best 69 Fan Jerseys On The Internet [PHOTOS]

Of course you have a '69 Jersey' buddy. You know the guy: lives by YOLO. He's probably married; his wife hates him, too. But he's the hardo who'll walk into an opposing team's stadium wearing a 'Your Mom 69' jersey. Your goal is to not get stabbed or shot. 69 YOLO doesn't care. The wife is about to leave his ass and he's not at a football game to meet a wife. He's there to crush beers and maybe throw a couple punches. JUMP!

Aug 23, 2012

Cubs Fan Loses Part Of His Scalp Going For Foul Ball [VIDEO]

Cubs fans just can't catch a break. As if the humiliation of a 47-76 record isn't bad enough, this guy has to deal with the fact that he was on TV doing this. He totally whiffed on the ball, and fell over the edge of the wall. Oh, it gets worse...he loses part of his scalp. Poor schmuck just totally f*cked up this attempt, and thanks to the internet, he won't be living it down anytime soon. JUMP!

Aug 23, 2012

The Clevelander Is Still The Best Thing About Miami Marlins Baseball [27 PHOTOS]

Sure the pool-boy position has since been filled, but that doesn't mean you can't admire the thing of beauty that is the Clevelander. The girls that fill this bar on a nightly basis are incredible. Whether its the lifeguard, the bartenders or the dancers, you know you'll be getting some serious eye candy out of your visit. We've profiled these babes before and with photos like these doesn't look like we'll be stopping anytime soon. JUMP!

Aug 23, 2012

Mariners Team Store Robber Takes 16 Ichiro Jerseys That Were 50% Off! [VIDEO]

The Ichiro era in Seattle was down to the 50% rack at the Mariners team store. So, what does a robber do? He busts through a door at the team store, grabs 16 Ichiro jerseys and makes a run for it. Those were $240 jerseys before Ichiro was traded to the Yankees. The play here has to be storing the jerseys for like 8-10 years and take them to the 2020 Coachella Festival where they'll be worth like $300. JUMP!

Aug 23, 2012

20 NSFW Skip Bayless Is A C*cks*c*er For Attacking Derek Jeter Tweets

Skip Bayless has done it again. Yesterday on First Take, Skip practically came out and insinuated Derek Jeter's resurgence this season could be a result of PEDs. He may not have directly said it, but he got as close as possible. Jeter is an athlete that people rever and respect, and anytime someone, let alone Skip, comes down on him, they go nuts! JUMP!

Aug 23, 2012

When Girls With Big Bangs & Wearing Hats Wanted Aikman [Morning Twitpic]

Via ‏@si_vault. As for modern NFL news this morning, Mike Florio says a source told him that league officials offered Jonathan Vilma an eight-game reduction to his 2012 ban. Vilma declined. In MLB news, Joe Girardi told a heckler to "shut up" last night in Chicago as he tried to give a post-game interview in the tunnel. Of course Girardi also told a fat blob security guard lounging on a golf cart to "do something." Let's get rolling!

Aug 22, 2012

New 2012 Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Edition Video To Enjoy

Are you getting sick of the fact that the only time we hear about Kate Upton anymore is involving Justin Verlander? Good, we are too. This video from the SI Swimsuit edition shoot will bring you back to the glory days. Nothing much else to say with this one other than it's new footage of Kate Upton looking sexy in a bikini. JUMP!

Aug 22, 2012

Bartolo Colon Suspended 50-Games For Failing Drug Test, Will Destroy Chinese Buffet

Per Jon Heyman of CBS: "Sources: Bartolo Colon fails drug test. subject to 50-game ban." Shockingly, Jon's sources were correct and the A's, in a wild card race, just lost Stephen Strasburg Colon (10-9, 3.43 ERA)for the season. What was the drug? Testosterone. How exactly was it helping Bartolo? Giving extra power to his third chin? Is Victor Conte right? Are up to 50% of MLB players juicing? How will Colon spend his new found freedom: Top 100 Chinese restaurants in U.S.

Aug 22, 2012

Drunk White Sox Fan Spanking His Ass To Lady Gaga Classic, ‘Edge Of Glory’ [VIDEO]

Imagine working the sh*tty mercantile exchange all day trying to keep track of hog prices and answering calls from your annoying wife about your mother-in-law wanting to get together for a family dinner on Saturday night. Yeah, f**k that, right? So you and the boys decide to totally skip dinner at home to catch a White Sox game. 'Andy' decides to tie one on and eventually spank his ass to Lady Gaga during a pitching change. JUMP!

Aug 22, 2012

Philippine Cops Hunting For Red Sox Fan Who Abducted Two Prisoners! [Cuff ‘Em]

Are you out of work, behind on your house payments, the electric is about to be shut off and you need to pay for a divorce? Getting out of debt could be easy. Do you know this bank robber? Would you consider turning on your homeboy, but don’t have the nerves to rat? Let us help you. We’ll turn on your homeboy. And split the reward money with you! It’s a win-win. Full story – JUMP!

Aug 22, 2012

How Can Ladies Of Williamsport Resist Uganda’s “Bouncer” Odong? [Morning Twitpic]

"Bouncer" Udong easily wins nickname of the year at the Little League World Series. How about this guy's summer? He goes from taking dumps in a Ugandan communal toilet to getting new sunglasses and a clean shirt at the Little League World Series. That's a helluva summer. In NFL news, someone on the Tampa Craigslist is claiming to be selling Keyshawn Johnson's old leather couch. Call Gene @ 813-850-1697. He says $500 takes it home. Let's get rolling!

Aug 21, 2012

Best Yankees Tailgating FAIL – EVER! [VIDEO]

It's unclear when this Yankees tailgating video was shot, but we'll guess it was over the weekend when the Red Sox were in town since that one bro already has his Ichiro shirt. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that Internet gold usually occurs when House of Pain's 'Jump Around' is played at a tailgate. There's probably some dude at James Madison studying the song's effect on bro society. JUMP!

Aug 20, 2012

Roger Clemens To Start For Sugar Land Skeeters On Human Fireball Night!

We've been trying to tell the Internet this summer that Roger Clemens couldn't pull himself away from baseball. There has barely been a weekend when The Rocket hasn't been at a baseball park watching his son play. Now comes word that Roger will be starting this Saturday for the indy league Sugar Land Skeeters. Oh, did we mention it's Human Fireball Night at the Skeeters park? You can get a ticket and a two-hour all-you-can-eat buffet for $37.50. JUMP!

Aug 20, 2012

Indians Closer Chris Perez Tells A’s Fan To Get D**k Out Of His Mouth [VIDEO]

How does Chris Perez entertain himself now that the Indians season is a waste and he's closing games just to keep his $4,500,000 salary rolling in? He gets in an f-bomb fight with an A's fan - just because it seems fun. You know this kind of A's fan. He shows up early for BP, finds a guy who's likely to jab with him and then acts like a d-bag. Perez not only obliges A's d-bag with a verbal fight, he has A's fan ejected. JUMP!