I Could Watch Tommy Lasorda Fall Asleep & Pick His Nose All Day & Not Get Bored

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What’s Tommy Lasorda up to? Just being the legend he’s been since we started tracking him on Twitter and IG. Make sure you click on the video to watch Tommy start to go into a coma only to have the uploader wake him. Horrible move, but I laughed. You’ve done the same thing to your dad or grandfather.
The uploader captioned this one:

#tommylasorda the #man the #myth the #legend falling asleep and picking his nose at a #quakes #baseball game. Pretty accurate to describe how we @angels fans feel about the #dodgers lmfao!  

Sounds like Tommy was catching a Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Spring Training game this week. The guy is 89 and still getting out to catch games, maybe grab some sleep and just keep chugging along in life. He turns 90 in late September. MLB better have something fun planned for the old timer. I’m talking a giant plate of hot dogs, strippers, milkshakes, etc.

Still one of my favorite Tommy GIFs:

Mets SS Luis Guillorme Casually Snags a Flying Bat
Mets SS Luis Guillorme Casually Snags a Flying Bat
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