Tim Tebow Mets Mania…Autographed John 3:16 Tebow Jersey For Sale – $179!


Been looking for a John 3:16 Tebow Mets jersey? And it has to be autographed? Some seller on eBay claims he/she has that jersey for you and it’ll only cost $179. The confusing part here is how you go forward after buying the jersey. Do you wear it to Citi? Do you frame it and hang it on your wall? I can’t see a baseball purist — white guy, 50ish to 70ish — wearing this to the stadium and taking the chance of someone pouring a beer on it.

I assume you buy this, pray it actually passes PSA authentication and put it in your Holy Man Cave.

From the seller:

The item listed is a brand new New York Mets #15 baseball jersey signed by newest star TIM TEBOW. THIS JERSEY IS BRAND NEW AND IS TRULY A ONE OF A KIND ITEM DUE TO THE “JOHN 3:16” STITCHED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE JERSEY. This is a one of a kind custom piece and a truly incredible piece of history that is a must have for any TEBOW fan! The jersey is not an authentic MLB jersey, but is stitched and replicated to the exacts of one. The jersey is guaranteed to pass authentication by JSA or PSA.

So how’s this Tebow Mets project going? He ripped 9 BP dongs on Monday in front of gawkers who couldn’t believe what they were seeing: a BP GOD.

Tim Tebow hit two homers in his first round of batting practice. pic.twitter.com/80IKTkUYtS

— Steve Gardner (@SteveAGardner) February 27, 2017

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