Spring Training Fan Goes After Home Run Ball, Loses Battle With A Tree

I respect this guy’s hustle. We’re only a few games deep into Spring Training, we still have over a month to go before any sort of real baseball starts, but this guy is treating this home run ball like it’s Game 7 in the World Series.
I’m talking dead sprint up a hill with sunglasses flying off and all, but the tree was having none of it. The tree knows it’s only March. The tree says, “chill out bro, it’s only Spring Training. This ball isn’t that important” and put this kid in his place. But like I said, I still respect the hustle. Some people just love catching balls.

He ended up getting the ball in the end


The announcers had a good time with it… you need something to make these games go by quicker

[mlbvideo id=”1228219483″ width=”800″ height=”624″ /]

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