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Jan 17, 2015

Jim Harbaugh Might Have The Most Aggressive And Demented Twitter Game I've Ever Seen

Jim Harbaugh is an intense guy. It’s easy to see this in real life- whether he’s freaking out on a ref or one of his own players, the man only has one mode: freakout. One look at his Twitter account...

Jan 17, 2015

Best Twitter Reactions To Greg Anthony Prostitute Solicitation Arrest

Greg Anthony traveled to Maryland to announce the Michigan St- Maryland Men’s basketball game. Apparently, he had other thoughts on his mind that were unrelated to analyzing basketball. Dirty thoughts. Anthony was reportedly arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute...

Jan 17, 2015

Russell Westbrook Gives His Version Of the "Marshawn Interview"

Short interview answers. So hot right now. Short interview answers. We’re all aware of Marshawn Lynch’s shortness with the media this season. There was the Yeah Interview. The Nope Interview. And, of course, the Thankful Interview. But Russell Westbrook recently...

The Best Twitter Reactions To Dez Bryant's Non-Catch

Twitter referees from all across the country had plenty to say about the overturned Dez Bryant catch. No matter what you think, it was a tremendous effort and it’s a shame that the game was probably decided on that play....

Jan 11, 2015

Aaron Rodgers And Tony Romo, Explained In Two Gifs

From a football standpoint, Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo are very similar. Each threw for around 4,000 yards and 35-40 touchdowns this season. Each kept their interceptions to single digits as well. And they do it in a similar fashion-...

Jan 11, 2015

Marshawn Lynch Is Thankful

Marshawn Lynch is already out $100k due to his displeasure for speaking to the media. It’s obvious that he hates talking to reporters, yet they continue to pepper him with questions. Lately, his solution has been to repeat the same...

Jan 11, 2015

Jan 11, 2015

Kam Chancellor Is A God Damn Super Human

Kam Chancellor is known as one of the most feared hitters in the league. The 6’3′, 232 lbs strong safety has made a living out of knocking out receivers; but last night, Chancellor showed off his athleticism in a different...

Jan 10, 2015

Julian Edelman Threw A Touchdown Pass

Former Kent State quarterback and current New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman just showed off his versatility in a pivotal spot. Edelman connected with Danny Amendola on a 51-yard TD pass in the 3rd quarter of NE’s playoff game...

Jan 10, 2015

Boyfriend Must Regret Refusing To Kiss Girlfriend On Kiss Cam

Madison Square Garden has been home to a number of bad decisions. The signing of Andrea Bargnani? Poor decision. The re-signing of Carmelo Anthony with no plan around him? Poor decision. The hiring of Derek Fisher? Probably a poor decision....

Jan 10, 2015

FHRITP Video Bomb At FCS Championship Game

BC reader Amber sent us this video, which shows a brutal FHRITP video bomb during the FCS Championship pre game in Frisco, Texas. In case you didn’t know, North Dakota State University is facing off against Illinois State in this...

Jan 10, 2015

Trevor Booker's Volleyball Buzzer Beater Was Ridiculous

In the grand scheme of things in the NBA, this play doesn’t matter at all. But last night, Trevor Booker hit one of the most incredible buzzer beaters in the history of the NBA- some are calling it the “Shot...

Jan 4, 2015

The Refs Probably Robbed The Lions Of A Playoff Win And Detroit Twitter Is Not Happy

The entire sad city of Detroit is livid right now, as the Lions fell to the Cowboys, 24-20 in tonight’s Wild Card matchup in heartbreaking fashion. The key play of the game- a 3rd and one for the Lions under...