Russell Westbrook Gives His Version Of the “Marshawn Interview”

Short interview answers. So hot right now. Short interview answers.

We’re all aware of Marshawn Lynch’s shortness with the media this season. There was the Yeah Interview. The Nope Interview. And, of course, the Thankful Interview. But Russell Westbrook recently joined the party, answering pretty much every question last night with “good execution.” He also flat out tells a reporter that he doesn’t like him. Brutal.

This came after a WIN against the best team in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors, in which Westbrook put of 17 points, 17 assists and 15 rebounds. Maybe he was angry because he only got to shoot the basketball 19 times, but still. Relax man.

This also just confirms that being a sports reporter has to be the most thankless job in the world. You travel miles and miles to get to the point where you can ask someone like Westbrook a question, and he responds by saying he doesn’t like you. This is why I opted towards blogging. I can do it from my couch, and the risk of getting torn apart by a professional athlete on camera is virtually zero.


h/t SBN