The Best Twitter Reactions To Dez Bryant’s Non-Catch

Twitter referees from all across the country had plenty to say about the overturned Dez Bryant catch. No matter what you think, it was a tremendous effort and it’s a shame that the game was probably decided on that play. Still, the Cowboys caught a couple huge breaks last week and I find it impossible to feel bad for them now. Here’s the play:

And here are some of the best reactions:

A Satisfied Group OfΒ Detroit Lions

It’s Funny how life works… Haha

β€” Cornelius Lucas (@larry_lovestein) January 11, 2015

Karma Always Comes Back Around.. But 🐸🍡 β€” Eric Ebron (@Ebron85) January 11, 2015

Poetic Justice. Sorry Cowboys fans, but this is hilarious.

β€” Corey Hilliard (@slabzilla78) January 11, 2015

Difficult Catch Expert, Odell Beckham Jr.

I by no means cheer for Dallas but I have no idea what or how thts not called a catch . Thts a joke β€” Odell Beckham Jr (@OBJ_3) January 11, 2015

Rapper Bun B

I’m not a Cowboys fan but I do rock with @DezBryant hate to see that for him.

β€” Bun B (@BunBTrillOG) January 11, 2015

Shooter McGavin

Aaron Rodgers asked about the Dez Bryant play: β€œI didn’t get a chance to see it, I was too busy WINNING.” β€” Shooter McGavin (@ShooterMcGavin_) January 11, 2015

That Bandwagoner Lebron

What is the definition of a catch or not in the NFL? I really wanna know? No one can answer the ?

β€” LeBron James (@KingJames) January 11, 2015

A Dead Wrong Emmit Smith

No need to review this play, it is a Catch. β€” Emmitt Smith (@EmmittSmith22) January 11, 2015

Optimistic Rob Lowe

I thought Dez caught that ball. But both teams were awesome. #NFLPlayoffs

β€” Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) January 11, 2015


So Green Bay moves on to the NFC Championship game, while Dallas once again falls apart late in the season. Better luck next year, boys.