Trevor Booker’s Volleyball Buzzer Beater Was Ridiculous


In the grand scheme of things in the NBA, this play doesn’t matter at all. But last night, Trevor Booker hit one of the most incredible buzzer beaters in the history of the NBA- some are calling it the “Shot of the Century.” Prepare to be amazed.

With only a few milliseconds left on the shot clock, all Booker could do was reverse volleyball bump the ball towards the rim. And miraculously, he sent it straight through the net. It doesn’t even look real.

Love the guy sitting front row who decides to record the meaningless moments that followed Booker’s brilliance. Be quicker on your feet next time, bro.


Unfortunately for Booker and the Jazz, this wasn’t enough to put them over the top. OKC took this one 99-94.

h/t daily caller

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