Kam Chancellor Is A God Damn Super Human

Kam Chancellor is known as one of the most feared hitters in the league. The 6’3′, 232 lbs strong safety has made a living out of knocking out receivers; but last night, Chancellor showed off his athleticism in a different way: leaping over the line on a field goal twice in a row. Here’s the first attempt:

Kam jumps 10 feet in the air, land, then jumps again for the block attempt. He does so what appears to be the same, continuous motion. That’s not human.

Miraculously, Graham Gano actually made the field goal with this super human leaping right into his field of view. But a Panthers offensive lineman was called for a false start, giving Chancellor another opportunity to show off his freakish nature:

This time, Gano was spooked by Chancellor and pulled the kick left. However, Kam barreled into Gano, drawing a penalty- which allowed Gano to knock through the third attempt. What a weird way to end a half.

Chancellor was instrumental in the Seahawks 31-17 victory, leading the Legion of Boom and the rest of the defense with 11 tackles. He also sealed the game by doing this:

The Hawks are rolling, and I’m not sure if anyone in the NFC has a chance to knock them off.

Gfycat’s via Fusir


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