The Refs Probably Robbed The Lions Of A Playoff Win And Detroit Twitter Is Not Happy

The entire sad city of Detroit is livid right now, as the Lions fell to the Cowboys, 24-20 in tonight’s Wild Card matchup in heartbreaking fashion. The key play of the game- a 3rd and one for the Lions under the 9 minute mark of the 4th quarter, was marred by the refs’ inexplicable decision to pick up  the flag after announcing a pass interference penalty. Here is the video of the controversial play:

Clearly, this should have been stayed as pass interference. But it didn’t, and after a shanked punt, Dallas drove down the field for the game-winning touchdown. Brutal.

Needless to say, there are many people who were unhappy with the call. These people are expressing their distaste for the NFL in response to this tweet:

How bout them #WildCard winning Cowboys?!?! #DETvsDAL

— NFL (@nfl) January 5, 2015

Here are a few of the angry responses:

@nfl How ’bout your #WildCard winning #Zebras?!?! #brutal

— Chris Mayberry (@maybo01) January 5, 2015


— G-3 (@ItsG3) January 5, 2015

Fuck off RT“@nfl: How bout them #WildCard winning Cowboys?!?! #DETvsDAL

— Joe Ziegengeist (@bostonskins) January 5, 2015

Fuck you and your officials you you scumbags!!!!!!! “@nfl: How bout them #WildCard winning Cowboys?!?! #DETvsDAL

— Lion in Dallas (@K3VINC) January 5, 2015

@nfl @AthTweets_ F**k the Cowboys! You know full hell well that game was fixed. F*** you and your commissioner!

— Jaketta J Davis (@LetsCelebr8) January 5, 2015

@nfl fuck you. Seriously.

— Dirk ½ ½ (@D11963) January 5, 2015

@nfl GFY

— Joe Monforton (@mofo313) January 5, 2015


You gotta feel bad for Lions fans. Absolutely gut-wrenching way to lose a football game.


Vine via Michael, TBL