Roll Tide

Oct 21, 2019

Alabama Grad April Rose Teale Is ‘You Like That’ Girl [Update] April Rose Teale, an Alabama graduate, was arrested early Sunday morning outside a Tuscaloosa Waffle House and proceeded to ass-ault a Tuscaloosa cop and drop a now infamous line, “You like that,”...

Oct 17, 2019

Alabama Student That Called in a Bomb Threat During the LSU-Florida Game Did So Because His Friend Was About to “Lose a Large Bet”

So this story got posted a couple of days ago but there is a big update that changes everything. It was a pretty viral story for a couple of reasons, obviously, a Bama student calling in a bomb threat to...

Aug 16, 2019

Harvey Updyke Owes Auburn $800,000, Has Paid About $5,000

Harvey's still going strong with his hatred.