Hoyt Hutchinson Arrested For Stabbing Baby Trump Balloon Before Bama Loss

Hoyt Hutchinson arrested for stabbing Baby Trump balloon before LSU-Alabama game / via Tuscaloosa Police Department

Hoyt Hutchinson was arrested for stabbing the Baby Trump protest balloon today in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where President Trump was visiting to watch LSU and Alabama play. Tuscaloosa police watched Hutchinson “cut into” the balloon. “Some liberals tried to come to my hometown and start some trouble. That ain’t happenin,” Hutchinson said on a Facebook video posted soon after getting out of jail. “I’d do it again,” he added.

From the Tuscaloosa Police Department:

On November 9, 2019, around 1:00 PM, the Tuscaloosa Police Department responded to the 1500 block of Hackberry Lane on a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers observed Hoyt Deau Hutchinson, age 32 of Tuscaloosa, AL, cut into the “Baby Trump” balloon, and then attempted to flee the area. Officers apprehended the suspect and took him into custody on a charge of Criminal Mischief First Degree. Hoyt was transported to Tuscaloosa County Jail where he was held on a $2,500 bond.

It sounds like Hutchinson is going to be ordered to pay for the damages as part of his punishment which means Baby Trump will be replaced and Hutchinson will have to keep seeing these liberals transporting that balloon around the country. And Bama lost. I need Hoyt to analyze his day now that Bama lost.

A $6,000 GoFundMe for Hoyt will be easily be fully funded by the end of the night. I’m thinking Hoyt’s GoFundMe team aimed way too long with this one. Should’ve set it at $45,000 or so. Make it an actual challenge.

Hoyt announced Saturday morning that he was going down to the protest site and said, “I’m fixin’ to get rowdy. I’m shakin’ I’m so mad.”


The final photo shows police arresting Hoyt at the Baby Trump protest location:


Baby Trump balloon after being murdered by Alabama fan:


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