Alabama Student That Called in a Bomb Threat During the LSU-Florida Game Did So Because His Friend Was About to “Lose a Large Bet”

Alabama student Connor Croll called in bomb threat to Tiger Stadium, according to cops / via Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

So this story got posted a couple of days ago but there is a big update that changes everything. It was a pretty viral story for a couple of reasons, obviously, a Bama student calling in a bomb threat to an LSU-Florida game is the most “it just means more” move of all time. Secondly, the kid’s name is Connor Bruce Croll which might be the most Sigma Chi at Bama name ever. Thirdly, his mugshot was the perfect embodiment of his name, background, and the whole story.

The popped collar is phenomenal. Well, this morning we got a new development from TMZ:

Roll Damn Tide!

Note: Yes, the rumors are true. I, Blakey Locks, have returned to Busted Coverage to provide top notch gambling, college football, and utter nonsense content for you good people. You can follow me on Twitter here. Enjoy!

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