Meet Sophie Scott – Girlfriend Of Quarterback Mac Jones

Here we go with Alabama quarterback Mac Jones and girlfriend Sophie Scott being two of the most intriguing students on the Bama campus as they are now at the center of Nick Saban’s journey to another Final Four without the services of Tua Tagovailoa due to season-ending hip surgery. It’s now Mac & Sophie’s team. No pressure, kids. I mean, there’s only some guy out there in a single-wide trailer ready to blow the brains out of his 32″ tube TV if Mac doesn’t beat Auburn. No pressure at all.

Mac’s played enough as Tua’s backup to not be freaked out by what’s about to be thrown at him. After all, he’s a Bama quarterback and I have to assume practice is harder than beating Auburn. Plus, Auburn’s freshman quarterback isn’t exactly looking like Johnny Manziel out there. Mac’s going to be fine and he’s already locked and loaded in the girlfriend department which shows confidence in the pocket, ability to read coverages and gives him something to fight for. Does it look like Mac wants to let down Sophie and her Alpha Chi sisters down?

Of course not. Mac is playing for his future career at Alabama and the chance to sign autographs at the mall for the rest of his life. Think about AJ McCarron. Greg McElroy. Blake Sims. Jalen Hurts. Tua. This is Mac’s big opportunity to join those guys as a mainstay when Tuscaloosa businesses are looking for someone to sign autographs. You win for these fans, you’ll never work a real day the rest of your life. Chet in that single wide might not be able to keep his electric on, but he damn well needs to have 20 items autographed by these legendary Bama QBs.

Mac Jones and girlfriend Sophie Scott / via Instagram Story

Nothing Can Bring Tua Down
Nothing Can Bring Tua Down
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