Alabama Fan Arrested For Attempted Murder After LSU-Alabama Game

Alabama fan David Allan Fulkerson was arrested for attempted murder for shooting a person over LSU-Alabama game / via Colbert County Jail

Police in Alabama say an argument between Bama fan David Allan Fulkerson and another man, identified as Mikey Merritt by family on Facebook, after the LSU-Alabama game led to gunfire in Colbert County, Alabama and has left Merritt on a ventilator fighting for his life. A study of multiple accounts belonging to Merritt shows at least one photo where he’s in Auburn gear. Police aren’t saying what caused the argument, but they seem to be sure Alabama’s loss caused the shooting.

What’s clear is that Fulkerson is 100% a Bama fan and he’s now in jail on an attempted murder charge that could be upgraded if Merritt doesn’t survive.

From WAAY 31:

A Colbert County man now is facing an attempted murder charge after a fight over Saturday’s Alabama vs. LSU football game.

David Allan Fulkerson was arrested Monday for attempted murder, said Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson.

He said the victim is hospitalized in critical condition. Williamson said Fulkerson and the victim got into an argument over the game about 7 p.m. Saturday, which lead to the victim being shot.

The incident took place on Ligon Springs Road.

The Times Daily adds:

The victim, James Michael Roland Merritt, remains in critical condition on a ventilator in Huntsville Hospital, Williamson said. He was shot once with a pistol.

The sheriff said the charges against Fulkerson could be upgraded should Merritt die.

Williamson couldn’t provide many details, but said the Crimson Tide’s loss to the LSU Tigers provided the catalyst for the shooting.

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