Jay Cutler

Jun 30, 2020

Jay Cutler is STILL Hunting the Chicken Serial Killer & Got First Photo of the Culprit

Jay Cutler remains on the hunt for the chicken serial killer. After taking things to the next level by breaking out the night vision goggles, Jay still had no luck. But that is starting to change after more cameras and...

Jun 26, 2020

WATCH: Jay Cutler Busts Out Nightvision Goggles to Continue Chicken Serial Killer Hunt

Jay Cutler is still on the hunt for a chicken serial killer that is terrorizing his property. After captivating the internet by beginning the search for a savage that is killing his beloved chickens, the former NFL quarterback is continuing...

Jun 25, 2020

Jay Cutler’s True Crime Series ‘Hunting a Chicken Serial Killer’ is the Content We Need

Jay Cutler is enjoying his retirement and post-divorce life by turning to true crime. The former NFL quarterback has turned in his helmet for a detective hat to hunt down a chicken serial killer. Something out in the wild is...