Jay Cutler is STILL Hunting the Chicken Serial Killer & Got First Photo of the Culprit


Jay Cutler remains on the hunt for the chicken serial killer. After taking things to the next level by breaking out the night vision goggles, Jay still had no luck. But that is starting to change after more cameras and traps have been set up across his property.

Cutler provided an update on the hunt for the beast that is wreaking havoc on the chickens on his property, and he finally seems to be getting closer to catching the culprit.

It was important for Cutler to up the ante after the damage was spreading across his yard.


First, here is some of the updated equipment.


And the traps were set.



Unfortunately, the first effort to trap the culprit was unsuccessful

“We have a worthy adversary. Trap was knocked over and dragged. Nothing in it clearly. I will be spending the day learning how to trap I guess. This can’t continue. It just can’t,” Cutler wrote.



Despite his best efforts, there was still no success. However, Cutler DID manage to get his first photo of the serial killer.

“I’m being taunted, mocked and outwitted by a small animal,” Cutler said. “Avoided the trap and all the other cameras. Only pic from last night. Only one option left.”


It looks like a raccoon is to blame for the deaths, but we will have to wait for Cutler’s next update for further evidence.

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