WATCH: Jay Cutler Busts Out Nightvision Goggles to Continue Chicken Serial Killer Hunt


Jay Cutler is still on the hunt for a chicken serial killer that is terrorizing his property. After captivating the internet by beginning the search for a savage that is killing his beloved chickens, the former NFL quarterback is continuing his search and breaking out all the stops.

For the latest episode of Hunting a Chicken Serial Killer, Cutler is breaking out the night-vision goggles and even offering up a reward to whoever helps him solve the mystery.

Let’s go to Jay for an update.

“Obviously things have escalated,” Investigator Jay said. “We’re gonna sit here and make sure Old Blue has a good night tonight and whatever happens, happens.”

Old Blue is the name of Jay’s rooster. And why would Jay go so far to protect a chicken? Well, it’s because Old Blue is the “coolest rooster in the game by far.” (His words, not mine.)

As tensions continue to rise during the hunt, Jay went to the next level by gearing up for the search.

As of the time of this writing, the killer remains on the loose. So while we wait to discover who is responsible for the death of Jay’s chickens, we can only sit back and wait like Smokin’ J himself is doing.

[H/T: BroBible]

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