Kristin Cavallari Pulls Mother’s Day Stunt With Jay Cutler’s Instagram?

Kristin Cavallari is taking heat for how she’s handling her divorce from Jay Cutler

How about this stunt Kristin Cavallari pulled on Mother’s Day as her divorce from Jay Cutler continues to be balls to the walls as she tries to win a PR battle that Jay’s not even fighting with her. “Happy Mother’s day to all the moms. These 3 little ones picked a good one,” an official Jay Cutler Instagram posted on Sunday. Now if you believe Jay Cutler’s been controlling that account and controls it now, you’re a complete moron.

This same woman thought she could shame Jay by running to the media and saying he’s lazy, won’t get a job, just wants to hang around the house with their kids all day. Backfire City, Kristin. She actually played the “lazy” card during Corona and didn’t have a backup plan for when it immediately went sideways across social media. There was the whole thing where she complained that Jay was blocking her from purchasing a house.

Meanwhile, Jay doesn’t even fight her in the media because HE DOESN’T CARE and it drives her crazy. He’s going to let his lawyer go to work, do his/her thing and sit back to enjoy retirement and life away from this psycho who is trying to make herself look good on Mother’s Day. Jay has to be loving life now that he’ll soon not have to worry about a camera crew in his house. Things are about to get real good for Jay.

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