Valentina Fradegrada Gets The Weekend Rolling, Jay Cutler Clears Milk Ducts & Boban Cheesesteaks

The apps are already fired up. I put in a good 6-7 hours of Masters on Thursday. Time to see if Phil can have another strong round and if Tiger can move up. These two could make this a huge weekend for CBS and my TVs. The NBA is done until the playoffs so you have a chance to watch some baseball and hockey. Or just watch Masters coverage until passing out later tonight.

Valentina Fradegrada takes us into the weekend

Guy from the Trivago commercial popped for DUI – mugshot

Jay Cutler sucked off his wife’s milk ducts – not fake news

Boban out slinging cheesesteaks

Did Johnny buy these massive roses for his estranged wife?

Florida Man gets mad over cig prices, hits clerk with a beer

L.A. TV reporters covering Nipsey & trying to sound ‘down’

Here’s Alex Star…Manhattan model just trying to make it in the world

She’s Going To Like That One Bunker Shot of the Week

Tacos of the Day