Jay Cutler Looking Thin AF In The Pool, Brooke Evers & Friend Rugby Shoot, Plus Drew Rosenhaus Never Not Working

I loved that place when I was a kid

The Las Vegas Review-Journal published a photo gallery post on Friday showing off the golden days of Wet n Wild that used to be on the Strip next to the Sahara. Like many kids in the late 1980s, my parents took us to Vegas and of course we went to the waterpark because it would cause us to sleep so my dad could go gamble and it was a great waterpark. I was young, but I can clear as day remember those giant waterslides right on the Strip. And Bubble Up, a giant inflated bubble with water running down. You used ropes to get to the top and then fall back into a pool of water. You know, just incredible fun while it’s like 105-degrees & your dad can’t stop thinking of crushing the blackjack tables after dinner.

Go check out the photos. They’re going to bring back memories.

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