texans Cheerleaders

Jun 16, 2015

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Come Out Firing With 2015 Bikini Music Video

  Shots fired. Let this serve as notice to the other NFL cheerleading squads out there that the Texans cheerleaders...

Dec 12, 2014

Texans Cheerleaders Take Freestyle Friday To Boxing Ring

  I’ve sorta lost track of the Houston Texans cheerleaders and their Freestyle Friday videos because Friday afternoons end up...

Oct 10, 2014

Houston Texans Cheerleader Freestyle Friday GIF of the Week

  Here we go with another awesome Freestyle Friday from the Houston Texans cheerleaders and it comes just after a...

Oct 10, 2014

Texans Cheerleaders Put On Pink Show

  Our Houston-based photographer buddy Scott Byrne (@SOBYRNE99) was at it again last night with pregame field access at Reliant...

Sep 12, 2014

Houston Texans Freestyle Friday GIF of the Week

  I thought it was time to mix it up a little bit with the Houston Texans cheerleader Freestyle Friday...

Sep 9, 2014

Leave It To The Texans Cheerleaders To Make NFL Cheerleading Fun

  I need to meet the brains behind the Texans cheerleading team. The person(s) responsible for this team has done...

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Aug 9, 2014

Texans Cheerleaders Spoof Arian Foster’s “Best Teammate” Press Conference

    Remember when Arian Foster told the media he was just trying to be the best teammate he could...

The Texans Cheerleaders Released Their 2014-15 Bikini Calendar

  Our Houston photographer friend Scott Byrne was at it again last night at the 2014-15 Houston Texans cheerleader bikini...

Jul 21, 2014

Day Two Of Texans Cheerleaders Destroying Puerto Rico

  I told you guys on Wednesday that the Texans cheerleaders, who always seem to do things the right way,...

May 22, 2014

Texans Cheerleaders Show Out At Charity Golf Event [PHOTOS]

No football = no problem for the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. Whether it’s taking a kid to the prom or helping...

May 19, 2014

May 9, 2014

Texans Draft Party Attendance Higher Than Most Astros Game [PHOTOS]

  And you guys wonder why the NFL would consider moving the NFL Draft around the country to different cities....

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Apr 7, 2014

Texans Cheerleader Tryouts Looked Like A Helluva Party

  Our Houston-based photographer friend Scott B. spent his weekend at one of the best parties a guy could ever...

Jan 23, 2014

Texans Pro Bowl Cheerleader Makes Behind-The-Scenes Bikini Shoot Video

This (above) is why the Houston Texans Cheerleaders are THE elite NFL cheerleading squad. They just get it. While everyone...

Dec 27, 2013

Texans Cheerleaders Use Pep Band In Final Freestyle Friday Of 2013 [VIDEO]

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders will pack away their go-go boots for 2013 after this week. Even though the Texans fell...

Dec 22, 2013

Texans Cheerleaders Christmas Show Impresses George H. Bush [UPDATE]

Sadly, the end has come. The Texans cheerleaders are done with their home schedule after today’s 37-13 loss to the...

Nov 8, 2013

Texans Cheerleaders Give You A Shake With Your Fries [VIDEO]

Fresh off the Halloween edition of Freestyle Fridays — their weekly dance video feature — the Houston Texans Cheerleaders are...

Sep 6, 2013

Texans Cheerleaders Rock Out To Quiet Riot, May Be Run By Metalheads [VIDEO]

Well, if the Judas Priest incident from last week wasn’t proof enough, this should remove all doubt: the Houston Texans...

Aug 12, 2013

Texans Cheerleader Shelbie Murry Spent Sunday Shooting A Glock [PHOTOS]

Texans cheerleader Shelbie Murry is about to become a star NFL cheerleader because she keeps appearing in photos with guns,...

Aug 9, 2013

Texans Cheerleaders Prepare For Preseason With Wild Freestyle Friday

And here we go again with another edition of Free Style Friday with the Houston Texans cheerleaders. Have I tired...

Aug 3, 2013

Texans Cheerleaders Draw Huge Crowd To Swimsuit Calendar Signing [PHOTOS]

NFL fans love training camps because of the incredible access to players and coaches, but what about the cheerleaders? Yes,...

Apr 26, 2013

Texans Cheerleaders Dominate NFL Draft Party [PHOTOS]

The Houston Texans have built a first-class NFL organization in a short time. While teams like the Jaguars, Panthers and...

Dec 17, 2012

NFL Pick ‘Em vs. Hot Chick Week 15: Miss USA Kimberly Pressler

Week 14 was another mediocre week for us, as we went 2-2-1. All that we can hang our hat on...

Nov 21, 2012

The NFL Cheerleaders Of Thanksgiving Day [PHOTOS]

The one thing we are all thankful for on Thanksgiving is NFL football. You think we enjoy spending awkward hours...

Oct 21, 2012

NFL Pick ‘Em vs. Hot Chicks Week Seven: Titans’ Cheerleader Anne vs. Sports Reporter Britt McHenry

What can we say? Maybe these hot chicks just know more about football than we do. Another week goes by...

Oct 14, 2012

NFL Pick ‘Em vs. Hot Chick Week Six: Titans’ Cheerleader Molly Moenkhoff

Week Five in Pick ‘Em vs. A Hot Chick was a flat out embarrassment for BC. Nothing against Chelsa because...

Oct 4, 2012

NFL Pick ‘Em vs. Hot Chicks Week Five: Sportscaster Chelsa Messinger

We had a pretty solid week last week, going 3-1-1. Our first week with two guest pickers saw Cowboys cheerleader Courtney Cook go 1-3-1 and Panthers ice girl Danielle go 2-2-1. Yep, BC took down not one, but two hot chicks in one week. This week we're going to try to do the same as Courtney Cook returns and joins sports anchor Chelsa Messinger. Chelsa knows her stuff, but going against BC and the spread? That's another story. Lets see what these hot chicks are made off! JUMP!

Aug 30, 2012

The Hottest Cheerleaders & Sexy Superfans Of The AFC South [PHOTOS]

Congratulations AFC South, you are officially the worst division in the NFL. If the Texans don't run away with this division it's going to be a miracle. Matt Schaub should be grinning from ear to ear because he'll be facing off against one rookie and two second year QBs. If Chris Johnson returns to form, the Titans might win some games...but the Jaguars? Well, they might be Europe's first team sooner than you think. JUMP!

Jul 21, 2012

44 Hottest Houston Texans Cheerleaders & Sexy Superfans

Like most of you, we are itching for football season to start. In the midst of the dog days of summer, many get sick of baseball and start turning their attention to football. Don’t blame you a bit. To help quench your thirst, BC is going on a 32 team, 32 day, 32 gallery tour of NFL cheerleaders & superfans. Are the Texans cheerleaders closing in on the Cowboys? We think so. JUMP!