Day Two Of Texans Cheerleaders Destroying Puerto Rico


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I told you guys on Wednesday that the Texans cheerleaders, who always seem to do things the right way, were about to destroy Puerto Rico with the 2014 bikini shoot.

Let the destruction begin. It’s on. Bikinis are everywhere. Texas 10s are walking around the resort just being hot and cheerlead-y. What more can I say? This is going down exactly how I expected it would go down. Perfectly.

Now, let’s contrast that with the Dallas Cowboys. In 2013, I did updates from the Cowboys cheerleader bikini shoot. I was immediately contacted by a member of the Cowboys cheerleading staff who told me to delete every single photo that was posted on social media. I countered that the photos were from the ladies’ accounts and that they were properly credited. Didn’t matter. I was promptly told that the Cowboys own the Twitter accounts used by the Cowboys cheerleaders and that BC wasn’t allowed to use the photos. Seriously. Photos taken by a cheerleader were immediately property of the Cowboys.

You know who embargoed 2014 bikini calendar shoot behind-the-scenes photos? The Cowboys. Good luck finding much from their recent shoot.

You know who doesn’t treat their cheerleaders like property? The Texans. You know what NFL cheerleading team is the easiest to work with? The Texans.

So do your thing, Texans cheerleaders. Destroy Puerto Rico. Keep being awesome.

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