Houston Texans Freestyle Friday GIF of the Week



I thought it was time to mix it up a little bit with the Houston Texans cheerleader Freestyle Friday videos and actually show you the dance of the week in GIF form. Each week we’ll select a dance that goes above and beyond and should be recognized for its ingenuity.

Keys to winning Freestyle Friday Dance of the Week include:

• Hair whipping

• Creativity with the hair whipping

• Props

• Acrobatics

• Effort level

As for this week’s location, it’s an odd choice. Is that a walkway over a highway? Is there a way to hold the next Freestyle at some BBQ restaurant while cowboys are trying to eat brisket. I picture tables being pushed aside to create a dance floor. I picture a wood floor. Scuffed. And the cheerleaders wear cowboy hats (props!). Maybe there’s some way to work bull riding into the scenario. Not a real bull. One of those mechanical bulls. I’m just brainstorming.

Anyway, maybe I’ll fly down to do some coordination. Some consulting work.

As always, you won’t find a better cheerleading organization (@TexansCheer) in professional sports. From top to bottom this group is the best. The girls are personable, creative and are social savvy. They even sent a special direct message when it was announced that@bustedcoverage had been released from Twitter prison. They’re the best.

Keep doing you, Texans cheerleaders.