Leave It To The Texans Cheerleaders To Make NFL Cheerleading Fun

I need to meet the brains behind the Texans cheerleading team. The person(s) responsible for this team has done it again with antics that were revealed during Sunday’s opener against the Redskins. Houston photographer Scott Byrne snapped a few photos for us showing the 2014 cheerleaders and something immediately jumped out at me. Is that a cheerleader doing a cartwheel on the backs of her teammates. What?
There was also this action:

In seven years of running Busted, I can’t remember cheerleaders ever doing anything like this in the end zone. Anything besides shaking pom poms and dancing on the sidelines is unheard of. Cartwheels or handstands on backs? Never.
But these are the Texans cheerleaders. We’re talking about a group that once had a dance contest in a beer aisle. They’re constantly evolving and making things actually fun for the fans who actually got off their couches to make it to a game.

NFL Cheerleaders Of Week 1
NFL Cheerleaders Of Week 1
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