The Texans Cheerleaders Released Their 2014-15 Bikini Calendar



Our Houston photographer friend Scott Byrne was at it again last night at the 2014-15 Houston Texans cheerleader bikini release party. It was your normal night of autographs, creepy white dudes snapping photos (not Scott — the Texans actually give him press passes) and little kids hitting the puberty lottery with 12 months of cheerleaders in bikinis.

This is a HUGE year for the Texans cheerleaders after 2013, which was one of the best years for a cheerleading unit in NFL history. Can the cheerleaders keep #FreestyleFriday fresh? Can they come up with more unique content? Will the team get big heads now that BC has named them the NFL’s top cheerleading unit?

Think about this for a second: the Texans cheerleaders (@TexansCheer)┬áhave 213k Twitter followers; the Cowboys cheerleaders (@DCCheerleaders)┬áhave 78.8k followers. Blue collar cheerleaders: Texans. Elite, white collar cheerleaders: Cowboys. I’m perfectly fine to just keep riding on the Texans cheerleader train.