Texans Cheerleader Tryouts Looked Like A Helluva Party




Our Houston-based photographer friend Scott B. spent his weekend at one of the best parties a guy could ever attend. He was at the Texans cheerleader tryouts and sent word that over 1,000 ladies tried out. That number was reduced to 50 Sunday and now fans will be able to vote for the team. The final team will be announced at the Texas Draft party.

I hope #768, Snooki, made the cut.

I can’t believe NFL cheerleading teams haven’t started selling tickets to these tryouts. You’re telling me guys wouldn’t blow $10 to go watch 1,000 women tryout for the Texans cheerleading team? Of course they would. This is already happening at Oregon where, in 2013, they charged fans $5 to watch tryouts.

Just look at all the fun you missed.

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