Feb 23, 2017

Gritty Softball Player Faceplants Sliding Into First Base

With baseball season just around the corner, now feels like a good time to remind all our favorite baseballers that...

Apr 14, 2016

Softball Player Pulls Off Behind-the-Back Bunt

Is there any good reason a baseball — or softball — player should attempt a behind-the-back bunt? Of course, not....

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Mar 4, 2016

The 25 Sexiest Female Pro Softball Players

Professional male athletes will never understand the difficulties behind being a female professional athlete. The National Pro Fastpitch softball league...

Jul 16, 2015

Bloodiest Softball Dad Fight I’ve Seen In Years [UPDATE]

  Mike made the mistake of poking the bear outside some softball stadium and then Mike got the bear as...

Jun 7, 2015

Johnny Manziel Won The Home Run Derby At Joe Haden’s Softball Game

Last weekend, Johnny was in the news for throwing (and missing) a water bottle and some heckling fan at a...

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May 29, 2015

Buckeyes Football Team Plays Softball, Cardale Is Terrible

The Ohio State football team had a little team bonding activity today and played some softball. Urban was pitching and...

Hottest Ladies Of Softball

    When putting together a list of the hottest professional Female Softball players, it did not take too long...

May 1, 2015

Softball Tough Guy F-Bombs & Kicks Dirt On An Ump

      And this is yet another reason why you won’t see a guy with a short fuse working...

Jun 10, 2014

Rick's Cabaret Fields America's Hottest Women's Softball Team

Our friend Lonnie Hanover over at Rick’s Cabaret has been pretty quiet over the last few months. He usually sends...

Jul 21, 2009

Jun 30, 2009

Former College Softballer Bianca Cruz One Step Closer To Becoming Maxim’s Hometown Hottie

Back in April, we introduced you to former professional softballer Bianca Cruz (played for college powerhouse Arizona State) who was...

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