Hottest Ladies Of Softball


When putting together a list of the hottest professional Female Softball players, it did not take too long to find them. There is only one professional softball league in the United States.
The National Pro Fastpitch Softball league has been around since 1997 when it was called the Women’s Professional Softball League. They have had their share of ups and downs in the short time period due to a lack of funding. It actually folded in 2001 and was then brought back to life in 2004.
Softball is a sport that most men think they can play but are sadly mistaken. How many guys do you know have stepped into the batter’s box and tried to hit a 77mph Monica Abbott fastball from about 43 feet out? (The calculation when compared to a baseball being thrown from the standard 60.5 feet is about 109mph) Nor have those same dudes played third base and taken a line drive to the gut from a ball that is about three inches bigger than a baseball.
These chicks work harder and play bigger than any, and I am sorry fellas but the respect needs to be handed out first, male baseball player.
In honor of their hard work and dedication to playing a sport most people would rather not even try, here is a list of the hottest professional softball players of the past few years. Enjoy.

In-Arena Hostess Traci B. A Big Hit During the Clippers' Postseason
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