Bloodiest Softball Dad Fight I've Seen In Years [UPDATE]

Mike made the mistake of poking the bear outside some softball stadium and then Mike got the bear as you can see in this video circulating this morning featuring softball dads settling scores.
Deadspin says this went down in Maryland. I’m detecting a New Jersey accent, possibly Philly out of Mike.
What’s crystal clear here is that Mike hasn’t been working on his MMA defense game. If you’re going to get into full mount you gotta get out of there as soon as possible. At least cover up the face before Softball Dad goes ground and pound on your ass and turns your nose into a fountain.
Clean it up, Mike. Time to find a new team for your daughter. No way she can play on this team knowing that some other dad kicked her dad’s ass.
Do you know the fighting softball dads? Tell us more about these two barbarians. 
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